A Look Back Over The Year

Monday, January 2nd, 2023

Last year was indeed a very busy time for us. In fact our heightened ethos of undivided attention along with the approaching year end left us no room for usual news updates. Apologies.

We hope you can look beyond our silence & appreciate we put meeting customer need first & foremost ahead of our annual closure. 

Every letter/email is very important to us, because each shares a personal experience.Though expressed differently they all echo words of amazement, gratitude & life changing results. It’s been a privilege to be part of those journeys. We thank those who have shared such personal & emotional information with us, as well as those that focused on difficult & courageous accomplishments. 

Indeed we are all unique, yet despite our differences we all have something in common – we are all very special and matter.

Here are just a few missed updates 

We engaged with more pharmacies to fulfil NHS prescriptions issued by GP’s.

(Any GP/pharmacy can contact us via new links on the website for guidance regarding obtaining/supplying products)

Helped even more ladies prepare for cervical screening than in 2021.

Supported more physiotherapists & sexual therapists.

Received more letters expressing gratitude in getting past vaginismus to enjoy physical/intimate aspects of  relationships such as intercourse.

Heard that more mothers now gift Vagi-Waves to daughters to assist with the transition from sanitary towels to tampons.

Contributed to helping women prepare for Gynaecological examinations/procedures.

Assisting women who attend Fertility Clinics prepare for IUI – insertion of sperm into the uterine cavity for conception.

Helping women prepare for Vaginal HRT. 

Received more letters expressing gratitude for much needed specific & organic products that any women where ever she may be in the world can access.

As a new year begins we hope everyone is blessed with : 

Much Health & Happiness.

From everyone at Vagi-Wave

Happy New Year 

Happy New You