Virgin Wives and Intimacy Anxiety

Anxiety is not something we generally talk about, though Virgin Wives do exist and you may indeed be one of them.Basically for those who have not heard this expression before, it means that a women avoids consummating her marriage for a very long time if not forever. We are not talking about men only wanting to marry a virgin, we are talking about a woman who once married will not enter into a sexual relationship and avoids having intercourse for reasons only she knows why.

According to a 2009 article in ‘Sexual and Relationship Therapy’, reasons include:

  • Lack of information
  • Inadequate sex education, including premarital education
  • Cultural and religious influences dictating sexual behavior
  • Vagi-Wave is now being given as a gift to future Muslim wives at their Walima
  • Past negative sexual experiences causing anxiety sometimes fear
  • Sexual disorders, including a lack of interest or the inability to have intercourse
  • Relationship problems, like a lack of trust or commitment
  • Feelings toward one’s partner, such as anger or resentment

Yet, according to urophysiotherapist Talli Rosenbaum, one of the few researchers in this area, some couples have been known to wait more than 20 years before dealing with this matter. One can only assume that the desire for a family adds further stress in such a situation.

Let’s not over egg the situation, after all a women’s body is hers and she has the right to decide when and if intercourse will take place, and let’s not forget some marriages are happy without intercourse, but for most entering into marriage it involves intercourse.

If you are reading this and know that you fall under the category – virgin wives – and want to have the chance of changing then Vagi-Wave is the way to go. In the privacy of your own bed, you can follow the 21 night programme using the Vagi-Wave to effortlessly train yourself to accept insertion into the vaginal cavity. What’s special and unique about the Vagi-Wave is that it tackles 3 issues : approach, insertion and internal resting all at once. You may well ask why is ‘approach’ important, well try and see ‘approach’ in a different concept – for example : if someone approaches you yielding a torch with real flames and starts waving it around while getting ever closer to you, naturally you are more than likely going to want to turn tail and run, so for some women this would be their reaction if their partner were to initiate anything physical, in particular in the vaginal area.

If you read the ‘The Science’ along with the ‘Your Pelvic Floor’ section you will have a better understanding of the use of Vagi-Wave, and how you could use it to get over any issues you have about ‘approach’ as well as ‘insertion and resting’. As well as being prepared to deal with any female health maintenance issues in the future.

Dr. Domeena Renshaw

Educating a couple to take their time, experience sexuality and intimacy rather than view it as a performance or a test, or as a task you either pass or fail, often takes the pressure off.

Psychiatrist Hilda C. Abraham

Many patients might find help much sooner if their first attempts were not so often met with lack of understanding and impatience, if not derision and sarcasm