The testimonials below are supplied by our generous ladies.

Day Of The Tampon

At 12 I tried tampons & couldn’t get it in or struggled to get it out. Destroyed by failure & my mom saying you have to loose your virginity first, which was along way off,I gave up.

Now married with daughters my eldest (15) recently asked what alternatives were there to towels so she could still swim. I told her about tampons then out of the blue I heard “so how do you do tampons then ?“ 

My mind went back to my horrendous past with me telling everything over many tissues. Yet the fact she’d raised the question was good because like my mother, I’d no idea how to ever begin discussing such a subject.  

We agreed Vagi-Wave & Moose-Joose & her taking time was the much needed answer, and as you advise, practice when there is no yuk.

We spent Sundays reading your sister website  www.vagi-wave.com  & we loved its trendy approach. We learned, giggled & maybe blushed at some adult content, but faced the fact she was on her way to being a grown up.

For any mothers out there you want to get your daughters this much needed Vagi-Wave & lubricant.

The rewards will be theirs but it’s a great feeling when you hear your daughter say “ mom can you add some (brand name) tampons to the shopping, I’ve run out ” followed by a pause  then “no probs ok ” with thumbs up & a cheeky grin. Then you know as a mother you nailed it helped by the backing of a brilliant product !

Mrs Thornton – Chester

Sex life at last !!!

My problem was no matter how much I was up for it I’d burn when his penis tried to enter (am 28 years).Spoke to dr as we want a family & I’d convinced my hubby you don’t have proper sex after marriage except to make a baby so sex stays in the  bachelor pad. Was getting away with it but having to avoid in laws baby making questions etc. Unable to get on the exam bed but heard I’d a condition called Vaginismus & told it’d sort itself out. After reading the info on your site I recall at 15ish bad menstruation needing hospital. The process to find if I had cysts had created a stay away from my vagina so slept around where other sexual activities were practiced & carried on in marriage too.

 Yet somewhere from within I found courage to buy the VW to escape speaking to a dr again &  family questions about conception !

I remembered my hospital incident & read up on why it was needed etc. I get I was too young to deal with it all then but with age I am able to. I wondered if my parents were to blame for not going over it with me but I think in those days things were never talked about out & they just took me to hospital to make me better & that’s what any parent would do so it’s neither their fault. Times have changed, we’ve the web so am jened-up on it all should we have a girl. Completed my 21 nights & though scared was determined enough to be able to have a quick moment. We shall no doubt be heading for a family soon as  enjoyment is increasing. Using every other night until period simply to reinforce the change.I am very happy & grateful, thank you. X

B. A. Denby.  South Wales

Nobody ever discussed the mechanics of sex or even birth control so I thought it something I’d  inherently knew how to do like in films.But I found I was clueless and so my interest in sex nose dived. At 23 I was feeling a failure hearing about my friends sex lives & pregnancies.I tried copying them but with every sex attempt came pain. I turned to you after my depression was fuelled by the belief painful sex was for life. I read your information & worked out that my cultural past & being of a very small stature had played on my mind as I often felt intimidated around my friends. What I did eventually come to accept was that everything might be smaller but it’s  in perspective for my body but more importantly vaginas change size according to circumstance so there is no need to inflict force stretching my vagina will take care of a penis on its own but should I want back up then enjoy using a lubricant & tge pleasure of a slippery ‘add-on’. And I did, your Moose-Joose was & is fantastic & made using my Vagi-Wave extra nice & I only needed a small amount as it seemed to do its job efficiently with no mess. 

Anyways after using my Vagi-Wave I found things shifted into place as I became more curious about things &  their impact on me & started to look out for me, little ol’Hannah. 

I found a child size speculum so insisted my doctor got & used one instead of the size they often have & breezed through my check up. A new confident me explored my body with a new partner which was wonderful.To be able to acknowledge I too can now enjoy a sexual relationship can be overwhelming. You helped me learn about my body, it’s needs & embrace women hood & all that it entails. A big hug & thank-you to you all.

Hannah D age 23 years nearScarborough

That wall.

I a virgin on my wedding night, the next night & the next and the next. It literally was that wall. After weeks avoiding due to period I sought help only to be diagnosed with vaginismus & prescribed  lidocaine. Sporadic intercourse got too much, I’d simply cry in the bathroom while telling myself pain was due punishment for something. Felt I should ask for a divorce. My husbands world fell apart, we avoided speaking for weeks. Then he sent me flowers tied up using a Vagi-Wave. I perplexed, he explained, I laughed we held each other &  I cried when he said there would never be pain where there is love. We got very spiritually close & he’d insert the Wave before I went to sleep like we were fixing this together. After 25 nights (we went past 21 as we had a few pop outs) we used the Wave in foreplay before fingers, then him. Lot of info here I know, but  important to share with others because vaginismus is hell for us women. Out of the blue I remembered pushing a tampon string inside to hide it but then couldn’t get it out & my friend had to find it & pull it out. I guess the memory surfaced from nowhere in the past to stop anything going in until I processed the gory details as I slept. You really are amazing in what you do. Thank you to infinity & beyond !

Victoria Elizabeth – International

Mrs Green Berkshire

Watching Coronation Street reminded me why I bought your product 2 years ago. It is most upsetting to watch the programme because screening is so important , I hope women realise they stand a better chance of getting to screening and getting through the test if they use the Vagi-Wave 3 weeks before the appointment. I used one and got through screening. Oh and my sex  life is better as well as I have become more at ease with anything going in down there. Am always amazed but forever grateful. x

from Dubai.

Ordered last year, took back to J/Ali because nothing like this in UAE. Impressed me to return to UK to purchase many more for others.

Mr & Mrs Grateful in – suburbia – Swindon -mid 20’s.

Wedding was a dream, honey moon location out of this world. Wedding night a complete and utter disaster. Was so scared before hand, spent ages in bathroom to avoid getting into bed, eventually hubby fell asleep and I slipped into bed and was unable to sleep most nights due to repeated anxiety. Tried throughout honey moon but to no avail. Thought when we got home and moved into out own place things would be ok as the pressure would be off me/us. Was wrong, problem still there. In desperation decided to get product because it was tiny and looked discreet. I felt more at ease because there definitely was going to be no stretching. Think the fact it was small with little chance of tearing delicate skin in my lady region that I felt I had nothing to loose but give it a go. Within 2 weeks was able to allow hubby in, but sex still disappointing for me. After a month things really changed, I had become more able to partake in sex. However, 3 months later I would say the problem of vaginismus has disappeared in more ways than one because now I can even use a tampon which I have never been able to do  no matter which brand I tried. We are most grateful for this product because it sorted me out above and beyond.  Thank you to everyone.

Mrs Weston.Super.Mare

I have suffered from not being able to have a good sex life for over a decade, and how time flies ! Thinking I was too old for such a product I thought, what the heck, why not give it a go, and be prepared for failure again, just like with those vile dilators which are the most degrading  and demoralising things I have ever used. Anyway, within 2 weeks I was feeling more comfortable ‘down there’ after using the Moose-Joose daily which was so gently and cooled perfectly in the fridge making it easy to use my Vagi-Wave. Going into week 3  did I see a HUGE change in myself, I was comfortable, well lubricated and using it with so much ease it was becoming a pleasant habit every night. A milestone birthday holiday was looming, and while I was excited I was also preparing for disappointment, just like with other products I had opted to use.  But then on the Sunday morning I was cuddled up with my loving husband grinning from ear to ear remembering the night before. That’s right, it happened, and it happened without a hitch, with passion and without me dreading the deed of darkness. It was wonderful, unexpected and mysterious. I had found my physical sexy me, I always had the sexy me, just unable to take it into the bedroom  due to  vaginisumus always being one step ahead of me. Now that curse has gone, and I am talking 10  months down the line. I am chuffed beyond my wildest dreams. I have no idea how this happened I am just grateful it did. All the years I have suffered,  if only I had just bought it sooner. I still use my Vagi-Wave every 3rd month for a week just because I want to remind myself of what sorted me out. When I wash it and put it away I smile and kiss it saying thank you, and while the bag is so cute, what is inside is pure magic !

Mrs Redford from Brixham

I ordered this product for both of my daughters due to the gynaecology problems that are genetic and there was a huge difference in their well being, in so much as to say after a couple of visits to their doctors and then continuing to use the product for a whole month, they never had to go back again .Absolutely marvellous results. Support service from everyone outstanding.Thanks from a previously very worried mother.

This product saved my dignity

The vagi-wave not only saved my dignity, it got me over vaginismus. It was comfortable and stress free. What can I say, I cannot express in words how grateful I am to the people at vagi-wave. Thank You. Mrs M Staffordshire.

The Triplets, say hello to Cambridgeshire.

After failing time and time again to start a family, we invested in the Vagi-Wave to prepare us for all the intimate tests/ procedures regarding A.I/IVF. Going through all that was required regarding treatment etc was easier thanks to Vagi-Wave. In fact I would go as far as to say that without Vagi-Wave we probably would have given up a long time ago. We have now  given birth to triplets and are most grateful to you all for everything that helped us along the way. Thank you from mum, dad, and the triplets 😃


Saw a sex phycologist who recommended this to me. The choice was from massive dialators or your product which was tiny. I was still nervous but got a good reply when I contacted you, and for that I am grateful because you were right, once I had done one bubble I just had to keep going because I was only repeating the process again and again. Am now pleased to tell you I have been able to use toys and have now moved onto having sex and although I am still slightly anxious I definitely no longer have vaginismus. By the way I love the moose-joose loads because when having a shower after sex it just dissolves compared to others that I have used which turned sticky on contact with soaps or shower gels some of which even gave me thrush. PLUS it is great as an all day comfort product when on holiday in the heat. All in all I am so impressed, maybe one day you can consider a bath/shower range.


Great for my wife who had a terrible time giving birth. Never thought we would have sex again but on using the vagi-wave we eventually did and things are back on track. Having seen my wife suffer for so long this had to be her saving grace. Thanks.

Mrs KP Surrey

I have to express my feelings on a product that blew me away. I have been to hell and back with vaginismus, to the point I desperately needed and wanted a real solution and finally got one with a Vagi-Wave. I need to share my personal experience in order that other ladies understand why I am writing in to you. Therefore to sum it up here goes : Dilators are old hat, they made me feel like I was using a plunger to unblock a sink, none of which worked by the way and sadly dilators are often the first attack based on habitual media/advertising coverage. Yet within a month of using Vagi-Wave my vaginismus problem vanished and it all happened while slumbering on and minus any forced stretching pain (or the bleeding dilators gave me) but with my dignity still intact. Grateful beyond praise for this little wonder, thank you again. Kathy.

Shy Salma from Leicestershire

A big thank you for bringing a water based lubricant that meets my cultural need as well as being all organic. It is nice to see that a  company has developed female products that cover women’s needs from different cultures and religions. My gynaecologist was also delighted in seeing the ingredients are all organic. Your Moose-Joose Lubricant is beautiful presented, feels so soft and cooling I now use it for daily comfort  in addition to using it for more intimate reasons. Superb product as is the Vagi-Wave.

Karen of  Hastings

Hello Everyone, I just want to say thank you to Vagi-Wave, here is the letter I sent them. I hope by reading it that it will help other ladies. IF ANYONE SHOULD ASK ME ” WHO HAS THE  X-FACTOR  ?” MY ANSWER HAS TO BE – EVERYONE AT  VAGI-WAVE FOR HELPING ME TO BELIEVE IN ME !!!

11th June 2016

Dear Everyone at Vagi-Wave,

I am writing to you today to let you know just how much you have changed my life. I struggled for a long time and in the end found myself looking for any excuse to avoid my husband. At first it was easy, like saying I had to get up earlier than usual for work so was tired, and these excuses worked ok for a while. Then I found myself in an intolerable position when it came to being on holiday. I was unable to be intimate and it caused many arguments, him unable to understand what was wrong with him, me or both of us. In the end I went to my doctor and that was a waste of time I was unable to get my feeling of despair across and so I turned to the internet. I found all kinds of things for what I was suffering from (vaginismus) but they required me to stretch myself open, the whole concept was intimidating but I kept looking. Then I found you, I read your science section and it all made sense to me. I eventually had the courage to explain my problem to my husband who agreed I should buy the Vagi-Wave. So this is what happened next.

I used it for 21 nights, but was still anxious, so emailed you and gave you my phone number. A lovely lady called me back the following day and had a good chat with me, and I explained I could use it very easily but I was scared to initiate sex for fear of running a mile once we got down to the nitty gritty. I agree I had to take responsibility for me, and really want to sort this out. When I thought about it I acknowledged it was what I needed and committed to seeing it through from start to finish. I am so pleased I did because it is true what others have said in so much as you can beat vaginismus. Again am so grateful for help with this  because I have my life back from a intimate and health perspective. Thank you !

Mrs KP Surrey

I have to express my feelings on a product that blew me away. I have been to hell and back with vaginismus, to the point I desperately needed and wanted a real solution and finally got one with a Vagi-Wave. I need to share my personal experience in order that other ladies understand why I am writing in to you. Therefore to sum it up here goes : Dilators are old hat, they made me feel like I was using a plunger to unblock a sink, none of which worked by the way and sadly dilators are often the first attack based on habitual media/advertising coverage. Yet within a month of using Vagi-Wave my vaginismus problem vanished and it all happened while slumbering on and minus any forced stretching pain (or the bleeding dilators gave me) but with my dignity still intact. Grateful beyond praise for this little wonder, thank you again. Kathy.

Shy Salma from Leicestershire

A big thank you for bringing a water based lubricant that meets my cultural need as well as being all organic. It is nice to see that a company has developed female products that cover women’s needs from different cultures and religions. My gynaecologist was also delighted in seeing the ingredients are all organic. Your Moose-Joose Lubricant is beautiful presented, feels so soft and cooling I now use it for daily comfort in addition to using it for more intimate reasons. Superb product as is the Vagi-Wave.

Karen of Hastings

Hello Everyone, I just want to say thank you to Vagi-Wave, here is the letter I sent them. I hope by reading it that it will help other ladies. IF ANYONE SHOULD ASK ME ” WHO HAS THE X-FACTOR ?” MY ANSWER HAS TO BE – EVERYONE AT VAGI-WAVE FOR HELPING ME TO BELIEVE IN ME !!!
11th June 2016
Dear Everyone at Vagi-Wave,
I am writing to you today to let you know just how much you have changed my life. I struggled for a long time and in the end found myself looking for any excuse to avoid my husband. At first it was easy, like saying I had to get up earlier than usual for work so was tired, and these excuses worked ok for a while. Then I found myself in an intolerable position when it came to being on holiday. I was unable to be intimate and it caused many arguments, him unable to understand what was wrong with him, me or both of us. In the end I went to my doctor and that was a waste of time I was unable to get my feeling of despair across and so I turned to the internet. I found all kinds of things for what I was suffering from (vaginismus) but they required me to stretch myself open, the whole concept was intimidating but I kept looking. Then I found you, I read your science section and it all made sense to me. I eventually had the courage to explain my problem to my husband who agreed I should buy the Vagi-Wave. So this is what happened next.
I used it for 21 nights, but was still anxious, so emailed you and gave you my phone number. A lovely lady called me back the following day and had a good chat with me, and I explained I could use it very easily but I was scared to initiate sex for fear of running a mile once we got down to the nitty gritty. I agreed to use it again for another 21 nights, and then made a commitment to myself that I would go for it. Although I was nervous I did approach my husband and we did have basic sex. It was over pretty quick because I was still nervous. But the following night I found I was ready to go the extraand that is what happened, our marriage was like a re-consummation and it was great. Since then we have had regular sex, nothing OTT because we are taking it slow.
What is important for me is to share with you my story about the fact that your website was informative and supportive and you made me feel there was a way to beat this vaginismus without the need of discomfort, and that I could do this in private when I was asleep. All I ask of any lady who is going through this vaginismus hell is to put their trust in the product and their own ability to self heal. After missing out on intimacy with my husband for the past 4 years I can truly say that without my Vagi-Wave all would have been lost. It is remarkable, you are all remarkable and I am forever grateful. A huge thank you from me and my husband.
Best Wishes,
Karen ****************** (Hastings)
PS: I have just had a smear too !
I use my Vagi-Wave to work my pelvic floor too because I can see the results in a mirror as it bounces up and down. How amazing is that 😃

Sarah Uxbridge 22years

It was lovely to use a product that was so subtle and comfortable. My own little miracle answer to my long suffered problem. Vagi-Wave out trumped everything else that I had tried. I have a new life ahead of me. Thanks for the solution. XXX

Miss Guided for years until I found you. London & aged 27

For years I avoided having sex, I knew it’d be a disaster as it always was. Things changed when I decided to get your product to use in the new year. I have never looked back since, after 2 weeks rather than the 21 nights I was able to have sex. It was a little awkward due to nerves but my body was ok with it and has been since as long as it is not rushed. This really made a massive difference. Thanks.

Fit2Swim living inWiltshire

Just had a smear, never been able to do so before. Am over the moon coz my test came back with no problems. I no longer need to worry about avoiding this vile test coz with the vagi-wave I can do it !!!!

Dizzy Missy 21yrs UK

Absolutely over the moon with this product. I had an idea I was suffering from vaginismus, and like most I hated the thought of using box standard stretching (ouch !) devices on myself. So took the plunge, and can hand on heart state that this has to have been the easiest solution I could have hoped for. Ladies if you need help you will struggle to find better than vagi-wave. I have never felt better since I started using the vagi-wave, it may look tiny but it delivers, truly brilliant.

Eternally or Internally Grateful in the UK  😃

What can I say to express such eternal (or better still : internal) gratitude in my being rid of vaginismus once and for all. I guess “Thank You” is a good start, though I feel those words can never really express my deepest gratitude because the result I saw exceeded my expectations.

From HertyHearts UK

For longer than a year I searched every crevis of this website to find words that would make me believe this would work. I dreamt one day my problem would go away and I could just be a normal girl like everyone else. Then I took the plunge to order the vagi wave and I have never ever looked back. My own Gp couldn’t even solve my problem. I can’t put into words how I feel, it took so long to even put together this testimonial because words couldn’t describe the miracle that happened. My boyfriend and I struggled for 5 years without sex, and after using this for 21 nights – it magically worked. Eternally grateful for this magic yet such simple science x

Private User London

Are you for real I asked myself ? Well apparently YES because I am only making this statement of gratitude because you helped me sort out a difficult situation when I had just about given up. I can only hope other sufferers take the plunge like I did and do what I did, ask for help when at my lowest. You words of encouragement were something I will hold dear to my heart. Predictable I know, but a warm thank you of sincerity to you all.

on honeymoon……yeahhhhhhh (kitty kat 23yrs uk)

Used my Vagi-Wave about one month before my wedding, guess what, my big day was great, and so was the night ! I did it and enjoyed it 😉 and have done it more than once so a big BIG thank you. Out of all my wedding related gifts, this has to be the best one or none of this would have happened so easily. Oh Yeahhhh, I’m feeling good baby really good 😃  XXX

Alice Springs

I was able to get to my first ever appointment for a routine smear so thank you because it turned out to be nothing more than unpleasant and because getting through the procedure was far easier than I could have imagined. Thank you so much I just wish I had the courage to tell others about the Vagi-Wave but I am too shy. Thank you anyway.

HC/Dwight.Age 22.Christchurch.

I’ve WON !!! Simply put, I have now beaten vaginismus. Thank You & Thank You again.


عملت ببراعة


Had to have prolapse surgery via vagina which put a stop to everything/sex for months way past the normal recovery time frame. My routine smear could not be done so I saw my doctor who said I should try counselling to see if it made a difference to being able to have a smear & sex. Did that – no change, a waste of many weeks of my time ! Read about you & your product, ordered & : Result !!!! Thank you, you were my last hope.

Chris Mannings UK

My wife read about you in on the 25th March in a newspaper article while in London and asked me to buy this for her due to months of problems after vaginal hysterectomy. After using it over 2 months she was fixed. Excellent support given, brilliant. Buying a newspaper on that particular day was the best thing she did, I hope other newspapers cover your wonderful product because they should !

Surfing Chick NSW

Suffered many many years of a non existent sex life, I had vaginismus written all over me. When my Vagi-Wave arrived I was scared and contacted your customer services by email for help and was transferred to the after sales support team who offer support services. The person I was assigned to worked through everything with me, the support service they offered was priceless, beginning with a dummy run because my period was imminent. After my period I went straight into the 21 nights. Since then I have never looked back, I am a new me, am having a healthy sex life, all because I took the plunge and got myself a Vagi-Wave and kicked vaginismus out of my life for good. Thank you for your help and support, I wish I had found you sooner. Thank you once again.

KT-Katie-married-4-years-&-now expecting

How happy am I ? Ecstatic, my family are over the moon, my husband behaves like he has won the World Cup ! We have been married for four years, could never have sex and the problem went from bad to worse as time went on. Was given several types of dilators, I gave them a fair go but they were of no use, husband and I arguing because of the pressure we put ourselves under. Last resort I got the Vagi Wave. It worked 2nd time around because I was an emotional wreck on the first attempt. But yes it worked ! Was scared to attempt sex but the support given by your company made a huge difference and was able to start with gentle penetration and work up to full penetration which took me 3 months. Compared to 4 years of being celibate the 3 months wait was nothing. Getting a positive reading in a home pregnancy test on Mothers Day was the best gift out. We owe you many thanks !

DB (Middle East) التشنج المهبلي المتألم

شكرا لمساعدتك

Mrs H Banner London

Was hoping for a brilliant Valentines Weekend, no such luck, I still had vaginismus even though I’ve used nasty dilaters two times around. But then when I got me a Vagi-Wave after reading about it in the Daily Mail, and after only using it for 1-2 weeks I no longer had the problem. I don’t understand how it worked nor do I care, I am just grateful for a pain free solution that actually worked. I have had sex for the first time in 3 years. Thanks Vagi-Wave, I couldn’t have done it without you.

J M T Far East

My Christmas was rubbish but my New Year was ace thanks to my little vagi-wave. Now 2015 is simply getting better and better. Yipeeeeeee !

I am a shy yet pleasantly surprised buyer & thank you for this product  😃

My sessions with a counsellor come therapist were at an end and I still had my Vaginismus Problem & it was thriving. Rather than go back to my GP to moan I got your product. Not sure how to say this but I have never looked back since I used it. I am into proper sex and tampons and have a new lease of life. Wish I had been wiser and got it earlier. Thank though all the same.

Catherine B IOW 24 going on 25

What else can I say other than I should have used this product years ago. Where were you when I needed you some years back ???? Anyway I did find you & your products (gorgeous pure lubricant so thumbs on that too), and used the Vagi-Wave and am OVER IT…..YEAH. So it was worth the wait, a big thank you thank you thank you from my hubby too !!!!!


I just have to contact you because after years of suffering I at last found something that was simple and easy to use after the first night of getting used to it. The biggest challenge was getting it out of the box thereafter I was fine. Needless to say I made a promise that if this worked within 1 or 2 months I would write and tell you. So I have because it did and I appreciated all your help too  😃

MinkyMe & I’m 23

Your are so effing brilliant, what have you done to me I am fixed !!!

Belinda C J London aged 32

Sincere thank you for all your help in getting me to leave behind vaginismus for good. I learned why I had it and why I was so consumed by bitterness from frustration. But more importantly I had your support and also a product that preserved my dignity, something I was concerned about having had a strict and less than broad minded upbringing. You knew how to handle me and the result I got was unbelievable in such a short space of time. If someone had asked me if I thought I would ever beat this vagisnismus I would have said “no” but that was before I experienced using the/my Vagi Wave because after just 3 nights things began to change for me, and I have never looked back. Everything about your company is truly amazing. I never imagined for one iota I would be vaginismus free but today I am and I thank you all from the bottom of my heart. I am now in a wonderful relationship and it’s all thanks to you. Thank xxx.

Derek H Manchester

You saved our relationship because at last my partner was able to have sex. No way this would have happened without this product. My partner used the support only once just for some tender loving care and the care she received was out of this world, good job guys, far too many people are just happy to sell something, but you, well, you went above and beyond expectations. Vagi-Wave is (from our own personal experience) fantastic for eradicating vaginismus , you really do have this nailed, because there is nothing out there that can give what you give (we have tried most if not all the options available). To sum it all up : brilliant and priceless. Am most grateful indeed.


Thank you so much for an easy treatment for my vaginismus. I found it easy as well as pain free compared to other things I have used. Your lubricant Moose-Joose was so silky soft and cooling and lasted a very long time unlike some other ones on the market, and the fact it is organic with hardly any ingredients confirms one really does get what ones pays for. It is fab. Thank you again for the whole vagisnismus solution kit. Yhe Vagi-Wave & the Moose-Joose has to be one of the easiest painless things I have used and what’s more it all worked with little effort from me.X

For my daughter because as her mother I cared enough to do what was needed.

I bought this for my daughter who after having a baby was adverse to anything entering her vagina. She was collecting too many reminders of smear appointments all of which she ignored because she could not get over her phobia. In the end I decided to buy her the Vagi-Wave because I love her dearly and something needed to be done. To cut a long story short, your product worked a treat because she made and attended a smear appointment of her own accord after which her sex life resumed as well. As a close family we have learned that caring comes in many different packages and one of those is a Vagi-Wave, from all of us, especially a very relieved mother, thank you and God Bless you all.

Peaches & Cream Scarborough

What can I say, I have had a smear, was given the all clear, but better than that I am pregnant with our second child. I am delighted because after a difficult birth with our first born, sex was far from being on the agenda. But after using the Vagi-Wave for 3 weeks & 1 day, I was able to have sex again, and as I just said, also book in for a long overdue smear, plus get the best news I could ever have hoped for ……We Are Pregnant – Yeah 😃  ……Thanks guys, you turned my life around. Saying thank you is never going to be enough. xXx


Brilliant, you sorted me faster than I thought possible if at all. Truly grateful.


Just wanna say thanks, amazing product that kicked vaginismus into orbit. Thanks to all of you for being there. Thanks for giving me the power to rid myself of vaginsimus and thanks for helping me move forward to a healthy sex life.

LuvCakes4Ever in Suffolk

Thanks. Can’t believe something this simple worked so quick. Still don’t understand why couldn’t use during period but what the heck am aok now and that’s all I care about.

Ms All-Blacks NZ

Thank you to you all for all your help and advice and for making me feel special when I was at my wits end with 4th degree vaginismus. I had a really helpful conversation with one of your staff who guided me before, during and after purchase. I did a ‘dummy run’ up to my next period as suggested so I got used to the vagi-wave and that helped tremendously because I gained immense confidence and vagi-wave became even easier to use. I have to say that your knowledge on the whole vaginismus subject is far superior compared to others I have spoken to, and your staff were a breath of fresh air when I was at my lowest. I am so happy to tell you that I have beaten this problem and it was all down to your products and your staff who really are delightful. Again, I send my thanks to each and every one of you. God Bless xxx.

My Giddy Aunt 47yrs.

A product that worked. Praise where it is due = and your products are most certainly worthy of praise. Fast discreet delivery, easy to use, and did the job of sorting me out. Thanks & Well done everyone.

LP : Therapist

Amazed by the results my clients achieved. I will be recommending this product in future due to the outstanding results. Product exceeded all expectations, with the exception of one case where one person (regrettably) failed to turn up to collect the product.

Pam & Clive H – London

An easy to use product that felt very comfortable and got the results I so desperately was after. Pure genius, no doubt about it this has to be the product of the century for women. My message to ladies is :- do something for you & get this product !!!

Ms Julie of Cardiff

I am now able to have sex regularly and my life has changed. I am so pleased my psychosexual counselling therapist told me about you. I hope more women buy one like I did, it was worth the money and worth the 21 night wait. And thank you for helping me whenever I needed help. OMG I have had sex !!! Thank you so much for a tiny little gem of a product that was so comfortable to use. I am over the moon, for years sex has been only a fantasy. Now thanks to the tiny vagi-wave that has changed. It was true what people have been saying, you really do care and go the extra mile to help women. Fantastic people fantastic product. Thanks again 😃


I have to express my immense gratitude for your product because after using it I was able to attend cervical screening aka a smear test for the first time ever and your product has undoubtedly saved my life as I am now getting the treatment for I need. I am very lucky I had time on my side and things were spotted early on, I can never say thank you enough.

Betty Bushie 36yrs Australia

Thanks everyone for all your support, you knew what to say to shake me up, thanks. Wave worked wonders, am chuffed & sorted. Hardest part was using the Vagi-Wave after opening the box. Anyway after deep reflection I knew blaming everyone else was getting me no where and it had to stop. Top marks for a fab product and some tough love, all of which worked wonders in solving my vaginismus.

Pat Myers Psychosexual Counsellor NZ Christchurch

Having obtained a handful to give to a few clients I am still in awe as to how your product achieved outstanding results so quickly and with little effort. Congratulations on bringing such an incredible and effective product to assist vaginsimus sufferers.

Aunty Depressant No More.

I turned to you to avoid becoming dependant on anti-depressants like Elavil, which I know is available in the USA and because I never wanted to mask my vaginismus problem I wanted to confront it. And confront it I did without a tablet/anti-depressant in sight. Thank you for an easy to use solution to my vaginsimus, my trust in your has paid off because I am now vaginismus free as well as having a lot more self esteem to-boot . Thank you a thousand times over for the Vagi-Wave. Thank you for allowing me to have purchase in bulk to assist many women in the UAE. Indeed an incredible product.

DK Therapist Dubai.

Thank you for allowing me to have purchase in bulk to assist many women in the UAE. Indeed an incredible product.

CandyLass Colchester

I am over vaginismus and it was down to this truly brilliant product plus the compassion & care given by all the staff helping me beat this hindering condition. I am pleased you are now exporting worldwide because so many women need your help as I did. Thank you for FIXING ME 😃xxx

Phillip M. Husband who is now happy

Need to inform you and the rest of the world my wife has been cured of vagismus by your fantastic product. Before and after sales care helped her so much. Sincere thanks to all, we now have a normal sex life and it was clearly and only down to the Vagi-Wave, because like many other people, nothing else worked !!!

Jersey Girl Jan14

I cried from the success your vaginsimus treatment purchase gave me. For once I found a solution that was forever painless, and I was cured vey quickly using the vagi-wave without using those horrible huge dilators that only ever caused me even more pain and frustration. Yes, all the dilators I bought or were given failed each and every time and were a waste of my money! I wish I had heard of you earlier, and I hope every women out there reads this because if they want the solution, it is staring them in the face : vagi-wave !!! Forget those old dilators, they are a useless waste of money and will hurt you no matter what they tell you.

LH North Somerset

Just do it. Seriously.This will be the most important purchase you can ever make.I suffered from vaginismus for twenty-seven (yes, TWENTY-SEVEN) years.It is now a thing of the past.I can finally start having a normal sex life with my husband & partner of twenty-seven years.(What a testament to his love, eh).Customer care support is also excellent.If you have any fears, worries, anxieties, drop them an email & a lovely lady will hold your hand and wipe your eyes, virtually, of course.Claim happiness NOW.You’re worth it.


Please follow the link below, for editorial about the company, our products & services.


Cold ‘n’ Frigid (no more) from Gt Yarmouth

Bought by my husband in November. Was dreading Xmas because of all the other stuff I’d used turning out to be a waste of time & money & making me feel worse than ever. Because I’m so impressed that this worked for me, I’ve followed the independent link using my purchasing code & uploaded my own personal comment : ” At last, something that works, fantastic !!! “

Trudy Parker from Herts.

I would like to express my eternal gratitude to the kind lady (called Geejay) that gave so much of her time helping me and my husband through the debilitating problem of being unable to consummate our marriage. It took a while and I did cry a fair bit, but with her help and the help of the product we eventually got there and I am happy to say we are now able to enjoy intimate relations where as before it was only something we dreamt of. From the bottom of my heart I really really do want to say thank you because you made the impossible possible and changed our lives in a positive way forever.Thank you, from both of us. XX

Ms Grateful.

Thank you Vagi-Wave, am so grateful for a product so discreet that neither my partner or kids knew what is was when I left it in the bathroom by accident and because more importantly, it did the job and worked.

Julia Lang Mumbles 22/23

Having read an article I decided to give this a go because nothing else out there worked for me.When it arrived,it was like it had all been made for me personally unlike other products I’d resorted to buying in the past. Anyway, 6 weeks on I’m here to report I’m in a relationship and have successfully managed intercourse, something I was unable to do before.I’m so happy & content because my life has changed for the better.A big thank you for the products and the unconditional support & personal care received from staff before,during and after purchase.No-one has ever given me so much support,it was priceless.Thank you!

Passenger 57 en-route from UK

It was well worth my trip to London to order, after 2 weeks I was pleased to discover I was able to indulge in adult fun so quickly. Worth the trip and definitely worth the money. Feel fabulous and sexy again. Maxine xxx.

Elated Mother & Baby Chester.

Some 6 -8 months after giving birth to my first baby, I was still unable to resume sex. Luckily my midwife & Health Visitor recommended Vagi-Wave to me so things were sorted out very quickly. I recommend the product whole heartedly, thank you.

Mrs Needit.

Thank the Lord for you and Bongo.

Ms D Ansil (Private/NHS Gynaecology)

Excellent product. Outstanding results for my patients.

Julie Barnstable 26

My best friend told me how your Vagi-Wave product got her over secondary vaginismus and suggested I got one as I was suffering from the primary version. Have to say I am very very impressed with just how easy it is to use & comfort because by night two I was unaware of it. Both the results & behind the scenes care and advice I got from staff were first class. I am truly gobsmacked that this tiny bit of kit did the job, but it did, and that’s what mattered.


Got the result I wanted very quickly because it was easier to use than expected. Thanks for the support and advice. Cheers x.

Magazine Article page 22

If you would like to read the article (page 22) please follow the link below:


Ms Clare SW London.

Dear Lisa,

I hope you will allow me to share my experience with others. Your compassion to my situation was kinder than kind, and you were right about virtually everything. My emotions were in tatters, yet you unconditionally took me under your wing . I have been on an incredible journey and thanks to all of you I have come out the other side vaginismus free . The Vagi-Wave was undoubtedly the answer to my prayers, because of it, I am now able to do what I’d only dreamt of. God Bless x.

Paciencia de Brugos.

Gracias por un product que ha curado mi vaginismo.

DillyDallyDoDo. Post surgery problems Diva.

Surgery was bad enough followed by complications with everyone just saying I would be fine. Well I wasn’t, took ages to recover, my sex life went up in smoke. I suffered for 3 years or more. Thanks to my vagi-wave I eventually got my dignity back & was able to resume physical relations with my husband. My whole experience of vagi-wave, simply made the impossible possible. Many many thanks.

Amanda Hemel.H 22

It is wonderful thing when people like you help people like us and give all your spare minutes to help us achieve our greatest wish whatever it may be. You and your vagi-wave are truly exceptional.


One of the best kept secrets out there how I stumbled across vagi-wave heavens knows I can’t remember, yet it’s one hell of a product coz it fixed me. Cheers.

Maisy Brixham 23yrs pure

Sally you’re an star & yes I’m pleased I ordered 2 moose-jooses because they’re so silky smooth & lovely to use. I have successfully used my Wave & attempted sex, found the first go nerve racking but 2nd time was easypeasy. Sally you are a gem, thanks for all your help, nobody has ever been there like you were. Thanks again.

KK Cheshire 26

Pleased to say using Vagi Wave did get easier the more I used it. Now I’ve had a smear and my sexlife’s all sorted. Was quite scared at first as other things I had used were an utter disaster.Thanks to the help/advice given by your lovely caring lady’s all my goals have been accomplished. Am amazed and grateful and send thanks to all concerned 😃

Pam Essex

omg at last i’ve found some thing that does work coz i have had sex for the 1st time in ages , thank you thank you thank you.

Shy Girl Saffron Walden

I owe you so much 😃Thank You

Wife-in-the-Vallies 31yrs

Last week had my first smear in a decade,part from being nervous all went well. Last weekend I initiated sex & again last night,both were hassle free.The shrinking violet has gone I’m a new women & hubby is also very happy too.Thanks.

KLP South Shields

Why has this worked in just under 2weeks? I have no idea nor do I care, fact is it has and I am over the moon. Many many thanks.

BikerBrenda from Sussex

Like every women I dreaded the smear appt letter when it came.I wasn’t going to go ’til I read your section on cervical cancer screening, which brought me to my senses. I hated going but did & was given the all clear.I ‘m writing because I want to share with other ladys another point of view.That being, by my going I put myself in the position of getting treatment early on had I needed it.Plus by going I’ve saved the nhs hundreds/thousands of £’s re treatment costs like chemotherapy/radiotherapy etc etc had I opted to go later on where advanced cervical cancer could well have been detected & those precious nhs £’s would be needed for selfish me.I still hated it but because of my Vagi-Wave I was able to go.Cervical screening is very very important and I thank you all for getting that message over to me and getting me through the appt.

Penny 22 Cambridge

Absolutely incredible, I am stunned by the results, thank you so much. xxX

Mel Winters Auckland New Zealand

At last something without stretching that was so simple. Yes I was scared to begin the 21 nights but I did it knowing this was my last hope. Thanks guys you delivered something that worked because now the problem has gone for good.

Jenny Hamilton UK

Fantastic product that was comfortable and easy to use, well written instructions and superb support after purchasing. Great job, and yes, no more vaginismus !

Cath Bridges Counselling

Pleased to report 3 out 5 of my ladies had excellent results first time round, 2 ladies needed to repeat due to their exceptional circumstances, but all 5 have now confirmed 2 months later that their problems have disappeared therefore I am pleased to report an outstanding victory for these women who thought nothing could help them. On behalf of these ladies I say “thank you”.

Perth Australia. Stephen Yardez

Thank you from me, my wife, and our families for making it possible for our marriage to be consummated and for the great news I can share with the world : we are expecting our first baby.

Amanda Harris/Wales/27

omg, am so so gratefull for the ways you helped me,had sex on the weekend for the first time in 7months, I’d given up all hope till you came along. xxx

Suzanne KW. East Sussex (nhs)

Most impressive product. Great results.

Bon Bon Bonnie in Glasgow aged 30.

Fabulous result. Vaginismus and everything nasty that goes with it has disappeared with little effort on my part other than following the instructions. Simple to use and worked. Without this I doubt I would ever have gone for cervical screening, definitely one of the coolest products I have ever used. Sincere thanks 😃

Maria Jose desde Barcelona

Gracias por una excelente solución.

Mr & Mrs Danford. (ex-pat’s) Murcia. Spain.

My wife has suffered since having vaginal surgery which affected our relationship.We are thrilled by the easy of use & the successfull result she has gotten. Words like “thank you” fall short of the thanks we send for how you turned our lives around for the better. Bless you all for sharing such a brilliant product with women.

Joanna Frampton. Geraldton Australia. 38yrs

If having a hysterectomy vaginally wasn’t enough I then fell foul to vaginismus. You were recommended by my physician, thankfully I took her advice and purchased, after one week I saw a dramatic improvement, one month later the transformation is truly unbelievable. Now – I am cured. X

Mrs Hurst Dunedin NZ

Blimey, one hell of a product, thanks guys, problem has disappeared and stayed away !

Cesca – Tuscany

Grazie per una soluzione incredibile di vaginismo.

Penny Drops Herts 22yrs

Scared to have a smear, but was ‘ a walk in the park’ thanks to using the V.Wave. Thanks for a great little product that delivered big results as well as the support you gave me. No way could I have done this on my own, thanks a million 😃

Fried Leggs/Ramsgate

Bought for my mother as she was going through hell after vaginal hysterectomy. 2 months after being told by consultant she could resume sex (she still couldn’t) but after she used Vagi-Wave she could.Think people should know Vagi-Wave is perfect for vaginismus attributed to vaginal hysterectomy & vaginal surgery.My mother is now aok,thanks to you.X

aged 29 Christchurch New Zealand

Waited God knows how long for something this BRILLIANT !!!

Meredith H on behalf of my daughter in Wakefield

My daughter had a horrendous labour and has suffered since. I purchased this on her behalf as I could not stand by watching her suffer with depression from vaginismus after no luck with dilators or injections (the latter of which I was furious about). I knew there had to be something else out there to help her and there was : your products. Here we are , 6 months later, and I have just heard she has fallen pregnant once more thanks to being able to have physical contact with her husband again. I can now put my energy into helping plan for the new arrival. Your products made my daughter happy once more, and that happiness obviously has spread through the whole family. WE ALL SEND YOU A BIG THANK YOU !

Miss K Penny Ipswich

I am finding it hard to come to terms with how quickly you fixed me when all else failed. I didn’t & still don’t understand any of it but I did as I was told and the problem eased then vanished. Thank you, no question about it this has been my saviour product of all times.

Sam CK. Queensland Australia

I’ve been blaming everyone/everything for years. My biggest mistake was looking for excuses to pick fault with everyone/thing in the world as if I was ‘miss perfect’. With a marriage on the line and talk of divorce I put my trust in you. Your staff & service are exceptional just like others have rightly said. Products are just the same, the Joose is fab & the Vagi-Wave simply fixed me & now I am happier than I imagined. My husband & I thank you for bringing Vagi-Wave to Australia, we shall never forget how one small product made a massive difference.

Monica R. based in Malta. Age= 27yrs

Brilliant. You gave me the best vaginismus solution in the world 😃  Thanks xxx

HJM – Wellington New Zealand

Really delighted with my physician’s recommendation : Vagi-Wave & Moose-Joose. Just writing to say “only you were able to solve my vaginismus problem, thank you”.

Susan Williams – Alternate Health/Hypnotherapist – Kent

I purchased several Vagi-Waves to give to clients and I am immensely impressed with the results achieved. I look forward to purchasing further products from you in due course.

Martin Halsgrave from Isle of Wight

At last my wife has been sorted out with your fantastic non evasive treatment, thanks for making our misery go away.

Felicity & Melissa (Twins) in Hove

We developed & suffered from vaginismus when we both had our 2nd child, together we tried the usual products of which non worked, then you were recommended to us, and after using , each of us had the same results of recovery. Even though we had each other to talk to, we still contacted you for help and support and found your service wonderful. As for the products, they are also wonderful but what’s better than that ? Well, they worked for us because we no longer have the problem. Excellent products, excellent service, even better results. We are at last, vaginismus free 😃  yippee.

Moira Matthews : South Canterbury. New Zealand.

OMG. If I’d known I’d get these fantastic results with the Vagi-Wave I’d have ordered a million yesterdays ago. Absolutely brilliant.X

Debbie Packham Health Care nr Herts

Having obtained your products for a few of my clients, I am thanking you on their behalf for the successful outcomes achieved.

David Hammond. Hampshire. Wife aged 24.

One word sums it up : THANK YOU. Why ? Because you helped my wife when we both had given up after failure upon failure. She would still be suffering had it not been for your help, kindness, and treatment.

Anonymous 32 Chester

I’ve been on an incredible journey from the time my Vagi-Wave arrived to the end of the 21nights. I am blown away by how my life has changed and the results I have achieved. A product that is truly amazing. Many thanks.

Kute Kitty Kat from Bracknell mid 20’s

Thanks Vagi-Wave, am forever grateful because my problem’s gone away. X

Julie Mason 22yrs Newquay

My honeymoon went like a dream after using my Vagi-Wave. Thanks : you rock !

Munazzah in Leicestershire.

I have been married for 2 years and until I used the Vagi-Wave I was unable to have sex. My doctor just confirmed I am pregnant, we are so happy as we had accepted if I was unable to have sex we would never have a family. Personally I believe this to be the best treatment for vaginismus because everything else I was told to try failed and also hurt making my problem even worse. Our families send their thanks for making this possible for us.

Tash.B. 36. Gold Coast. Australia.

Was scared to use at first but it was easy and got easier as I stuck with it. After sales support is of out of this world, help there when I needed it. Best still the product worked and I have a new lease of life. Amazing and thank you.

Kerry H. from Cheshire aged 29

I was all out of options and had given up then I heard of you when at the clinic. Half of me didn’t believe this would work because nothing so far had. I was so wrong, everything you said was true. The missing link to my health and happiness has been found and I shall be forever grateful, thank you, to all of you.

Gina Measham – Berwick on Tweed

Thanks a million for helping me treat/ beat vaginismus. Everything else I tried was utter rubbish, I was at the end of my tether and you saved the day !

Fiona Jacobs 38yrs Northants

Please thank your special lady for all her help & support I couldn’t have done it on my own. With her help & your products I was eventually able to have a smear. The worst part was waiting for the results, luckily I was given the all clear but it made me realise ignoring smears all these years was a foolish gamble with my life. I’m eternally grateful for your help in getting me over vaginismus for good 😃 

D.Pitcher (23yrs) : holistic health – Liverpool.

Used for 3 weeks : was able to have sex. Used again for another 2 weeks prior to holidays : no longer scared of sex. Just come back from holiday : everything a lot easier and enjoyable. Fantastic improvement, feel like I’ve been reborn. First 5 nights were the hardest but it got easier as time went by. Whole 5 weeks taught me: understanding sensations, confidence and the fact am capable of having and enjoying sex, am very happy with the outcome. Thank you xxx.

Samantha Martin of Herts

My life has been hell on earth, full of tears, shame and failed relationships. It took a lot of willpower to begin and finish the 21nights. 5 months later I can report a happy physical relationship. I still use it twice a month just for good measures. My life would have remained forever sexless if not for you. I’m deeply grateful.

Katherine L Woods NHS

Today one must have an open mind in the interest of others. Regarding problems associated with the effect vaginismus had on 4 of my patients concerning sex , paps and administering vaginal hrt , I confirm exceptional results attributed to the choice of ends and the cessation of the aforementioned problems.

Cheetah Chick 33 yrs Cheltenham

I spent many lonely nights looking at your informative & comforting website, & it gave me the strength to order. I was nervous but found the courage from talking to/emailing you. After my initial first night nerves my fear began to disappear with each additional night. I saw big changes by the end of week one. By week three/four I was ready to think about having sex. I was very nervous & the first attempt was like a text book sex lesson and I hated it. The second attempt was more relaxed, slower, involved a lot more foreplay & was more enjoyable & I initiated the penetrative part, taking both of us by surprise. I’m still trying to come to terms with the fact I was able to have sex after giving up all hope for 2 years maybe even longer. I’m making the effort to have regular sex, & am starting to really enjoy it because the more I do it the easier it is getting. I’m very grateful for the Vagi-Wave because everything else never worked, this is the only product that cured me.

Miss G Haines of Rochdale

Ok so the product works, I vouch for that. I just wanted to share this with anybody wanting to know how the company treated me : before purchase I got exceptional support, after purchase I got one to one help & advice. If I phoned and the lines were busy, I was immediately diverted to an answer service where I could leave my number, on two occasions no sooner had I hung up, my phone rang and my call had been returned. There is no 0845 telephone number where a company makes money from you calling them, it is a genuine traditional land line. Email service is above and beyond exceptional, it is superb, nothing is too much trouble, and I have always had a reply. This is customer service at it’s best. Full marks for product & service.

Mrs T Bradbury near Wrexham (BRAILLE CUSTOMER ENQ)

Thank you for providing me with braille instructions , but there was/is no need because virtually all computers can operate in voice mode, which is just fine.

V. Pedmore from Grantham

My 2nd Wedding Anniversary, marriage consummated at last, feel terrific, best vaginismus treatment out there, where everything else failed you came through. Grateful beyond words.

Mike & Jessica in Gosport

Our married life had been under extreme strain due to vaginismus because both of us were too ashamed to even discuss this with our doctor and we’d given up on finding a solution. After using the Vagi-Wave for just under a month the problem disappeared. We also want to thank you for helping us through this with personalised support especially when we felt like giving up. You have an amazing product that is priceless. Many many thanks.

P.Hope = Ontario (Canada)

Absolutely Brilliant. Changed my life forever.

Glenda based in Herts

I was able to go to the smear appts I’d always avoided, the tests came back showing some abnormality, but I have options regarding treatment. No doubt in my mind : your product may well have saved my life.

Ms Harrow / Grimsby

Thanks for sorting me out, always dreamt of having a physical relationship, now it is a reality. Forever grateful.

Sandra W (therapist)

If only I had known about this, could’ve saved a lot of my ladies wasting time & money on stuff that didn’t work. Good job, excellent results for my clients at last. Cheers.

Marie Miller UK

Finding your product has been a godsend after many years of being unable to get anything in me. Sincere thanks, yes it took me a while for me to take the plunge but after I did I got the results I wanted.

Safa in Leeds

I was so happy to be given a Vagi-Wave during my Dholki, I used it and it enabled me to became a true wife on my wedding night and thereafter. I have since attended other Dholki’s and have given Vagi-Wave as gift to the bride to be and it worked for them, they also consummated their marriage easily. Thank you for saving me from a life of wedded misery.

Susie P. Wirral

Awesome product just what I needed. Had no luck with anything else this was the only solution, pleased it worked, recommend to all.

Jodie Marshe in Ontario

Wow was I pleased to find you, with my wedding coming up soon this was my perfect painless vaginismus cure, I had always hoped and imagined one day I would find the best support out there, and I did with you, nothing was too much trouble and you were there whenever I needed you. Sincere thanks you’re one in a trillion.

K.Bingham (s.r.n) : Greater Manchester

Product that actually worked. Great Staff – nothing too much trouble regarding support and advice. Am so impressed I’ve ordered again for my daughters. Great attentive service, before and after purchase. Thank you to all of you, another life changed for the better. Bless x

Tina from Leeds

Thank you for your product it has given me a new life, can I also thank you all for your good customer service and also your email support which was really important to me. Oh and yes, it worked and for that I am most grateful.

Adara from Bradford

I was given the product at our Walima banquet by my groom to be’s mother because of our culture and religion. I have used it many times and it has helped me overcome worries about the wedding and starting a family. I am excited about my approaching wedding because all my fears of the physical side have gone and I am confident that I will be a good wife and keep my husband happy and have many children. I wish other Muslims knew of this because it would help them understand their body and banish wedding night anxiety.

Emma Havers.Perth.Australia

Took 9 days to ge here but well worth waiting for. Beautiful presentation. Well written instructions. Cute bag. Loved it. Best part : Easy to use. Results : It worked.Thanks X.

Lisa Bainbridge Isle of Wight

Years of misery behind me because of your little gem of a product. Is thank you enough? No, but it is all I can offer  😃

Natalie in Surrey

I am releived to be able to contact you and share with other girls that I am now able to have a sexual relationship thanks to your wonderful product.

Bright Button : Buxton

Thank you for an easy reading site with loads of great info. Thank you for my Vagi-Wave & lovely Moose-Joose.Thank you for mending me with a painless no nonsense solution. Thank You to you All, and especially to one of your special ladies who has been there by my side since the day I phoned you.

Kelly on behalf of my mother in Tarrant

My mother was mortified when the usual dilator set (not anything to do with you I should add) turned up as it caused her pain verging on agony when using it and shame of having to twiddle something between her legs. I could not bare to listen to her suffering anymore so bought your product for her. It took a week for her to get used to (because of the bad painful dilator experience), but after using the wave for 3 weeks she had a huge improvement.She has used it again for another 3 weeks and now the problem has gone away. I just wish she had found your product so she could have avoided unnecessary suffering.

Audrey KM – Hull

At last something thatworks and has helped my get vaginal hrt in me. Thanks, my menopause is now managed properly and I am not wasting my hrt medication.

Stella – Derbyshire

Sex at last, sorry to be blunt, but it was a long time coming. WOW is your product amazing or what ! Cancel the convent, after 4 years of not being able to, I am now willing and able 😃

Gemma : Liverpool

I hope you will print my Vagi-Wave review and experience because of the change it has made to my life. I bought the product after suffering in silence for a very very long time and it was affecting everything from sex to everything else we ladies deal with. Firstly I sorted was my incontinence problems. Secondly as the leaking stopped, I was able to have proper sex again. I have suffered for so long I’m still overwhelmed by the result which is why I had to write to you and share it with others. I seldom put pen to paper but you deserve to hear how you have given me a new lease of life by offering such a fantastic cure for vaginismus. If there are any ladies out there reading this I hope you take the plunge like I did and put an end to your suffering. Super web site , loads of info, and caring people on the end of the phone. My whole being says thank you.

Emily L Staffs

Great Lube. Wave & Lube fit like a dream. Amazed at results. Great vaginismus treatment. Thanks.

Customer’s thank you poem

Vaginismus came along and messed with my head ,it ruined my life, I wish I could just stay in bed.

My life slipped away with each passing day, no doubt about it Vaginismus just got in the way.

Sex, smears and more brought fear to my door, I’m just another statistic like many before.

Then one day my wish came true, as searching the internet, I thankfully found you.

Vagi-Wave Vagi-Wave you gave back quality of life, a confident female, a born-again wife.

Nothing can stop me from here-on that’s true, Vagi-Wave Vagi-Wave, it’s all down to you.

David L & father of Helen

My daughter has never had a smear due to not being able to have an examination. Her mother and I have been most worried for years so we bought her a Vagi-Wave for Christmas. Today we heard she has used it because she had plucked up the courage to see her GP to have it done. Her GP was relieved as were we, especially today when we heard the results were fine. I think your product made it sink in that she has been gambling with her health as a result of ignoring years of smear appts. As her father I am (as are her mother and sister) truly pleased she is healthy and can now look after herself from here on. God bless you all.

Janet W, Middlesborough

Your cure for vaginismus or vaginismus treatment – whatever you want to call it – is absolutely fantastic. Years of suffering with damn vaginismus all gone in a swoop. Utterly fantastic. I am reborn with a big smile.XX

Brenda Higgins – Hampshire

I am 29 and have finally managed to use a tampon – hurray! Better than that I have also gone for a smear, the wait for the result was long but worth it, got the all clear, my life has changed for the better. Many many thanks.

Dawn living and working in Croydon

This has to be the best product for women ever !!! Brilliant & easy to use, has made a huge positive impact on my life, fantastic results, sincere thanks to all.

HelenK in Crawley

To say your products are out of this world is an understatement. Last week a smear, for years I have avoided one , now I have my results and they are aok, no longer do I live in fear, your product helped me to get through it all, nothing or any other product has ever done that . I cannot find enough words to say ‘thank you’ because now I no longer gamble with my health because there is no need to because I have the best thing in the world regarding my own health care.xxx

Samantha from Portsmouth

It is a miracle that after 3 weeks Vagi-Wave has given me a quality of life I thought I would only ever dream of having. Thank you.

Sarah T W living in Bradford

This is the best vaginismus treatment kit out there. Nothing else has worked for me. I feel like I have been given a second chance. Terrific & thanks for spending time on the phone with me by the way, you were most understanding.Love you & Love my Vagi-Wave !!!

Geraldine the Great from Truro

What a fab lubricant, soft gentle worth every penny.

Spinster 32yrs based in Winchester (Patricia F)

I have had no luck with relationships because I could not get physical, I had given up until I used the Vagi-Wave. Amazing result obtained quickly and in a dignified way. I have willingly lost my virginity and feel like a real women.X

Claire Burton from southern england

I hate going to the doctor, I have dreaded the moment when the doctor would say ” hop on the couch and I’ll have a look”. But in November she did say that and I had to, she could not examine me I clamped shut.She told me I had primary vaginismus, my world fell apart, I could not do simple things like start my car to go home I was mortified. I looked on the net for the solution to vaginismus, I found you, and visited your site 2 or 3 times before I phoned through and sobbed my heart out to the person on the phone.Whoever took my call was so understanding, they did not take an order there and then they suggested I phoned back the next day after thinking about it because I was too emotional. But you know what, making that return call was the best thing I did because I have now been examined and my doctor confirmed my coil had come out which explained why I could not feel dangly bits anymore.And I got through it all thanks to your Vagi-Wave.

Mrs D Granger from Sussex

I think it is incredible. For years I fudged smear appoints.I knew I should go but put it off.Then I found this, I tried it, it worked, I have been and had my smear done. It came back all aok, now I can get on with my life knowing next time the appt comes – I can handle it thanks to this wonder product which I keep in my bottom draw. I put my trust in you and you came through – thanks from the bottom of my heart. Brilliant.

Laura & Kevin (Oxford)

We found out I had vaginismus after we had no option to go to my doctor as I was forever avoiding intimacy. My husband bought the Wave & Joose for an anniversary gift for both of us. I have followed all your instructions with such dedication and the result we desperately were after was achieved very very quickly.There are no words that express our gratitude, saying thank you is all we can say, even saying that isn’t enough.

Miss Judy from Havant

I am so grateful for your Vagi-Wave, I had tried dilators many times over but they were bulky and painful no matter what I did, they did not work and made my vaginismus problem even worse so I gave up. I saw your product on google and ordered it by phone. After following the instructions I found I was able to do things I had given up on, I can use tampons, have a physical relationship once more. Had it not been for your product my life would have continued to be full of hidden misery, I cannot say thank you enough, you changed my life.God bless everyone behind this.

Patricia K from Coventry

I had a few questions so I wrote to the company and can honestly say they got back to me so their address was genuine and not a faceless postbox address. They were very helpful and made me feel my problem was theirs. I have the products and am very happy.

Clare Waverely from Hove

Did what it said. I am problem free thanks to you and this fab product. Incredible and worth every penny, would go as far as saying : priceless bit of girl power 😃

Julie P :

was able to get to a Smear Appointment , and come out the other side with no problems. Thank You.xxx

Janet McNulty – prefer not to say where from.

Fantastic product. Amazing results. Best product ever come across. designed for women with great thought, hope you get editorials you should do as you and it are fantastic. I think every women should have one in their bathroom cabinet or in the bedroom.

Karen Morris in Bromsgrove

My Doctor sadly did not know of this life changing product so I had to get one myself. I could not have bothered what with Xmas around the corner but I said sod it I need help, so I got it myself and have never looked back. Ladies you need one and the lubricant is superb. I feel special and so should you. I got an extra Moose-Hoose because I liked it, I keep my lippy in it in my bag and it reminds me to use my Wave at night. Awesome.

Mrs DH Preston from Islington

I shall keep this brief : works, problems all gone. Brilliant product. I invested in me for once, totally selfish maybe, but I now have a sex life. Move over Vaginismus, your days are over !!!!

Wendy – Lowerstoft

I was a bit scared, but after holding it and seeing how it nestled in my hand I kind of bonded with it, that sounds stupid I know, but I did, I felt the need to use it that night so I did. I have had vaginismus for years after pelvic surgery, nothing was going in and so I gave up with the battle until now. I am overwhelmed by how fast this works, it is incredible, I still don’t understand it, but the fact it works is what matters. Yes I could have probably opted for twiddling a dilator and going up to bigger sizes forcing it in but that was not for me it did not seem natural all this lying down shoving things in, this is way more dignified and private and let’s not forget : it works, that’s what matters ladies. Thanks to you wonderful people who brought it to us suffering ladies.

Joyce from Manchester South

I have suffered for I don’t know how long after hysterectomy/menopause. Your Moose-Joose is great, has helped me no end, your Vagi-Wave was a Godsend as it gave me the answer to getting the Vag Hrt in where it was needed, no more wasted medication which has made my GP happy too. I know if I have any other issues down there this will sort me out, and it is very very comfortable once you forget about it and just go to sleep. I strongly advise other women to consider this as a essential purchase because like me when you get a problem you need something that works fast that doesn’t stretch you open, this is small and discreet, once I got the lubrication right it was a doddle. Great little secret in my bedside drawer.

Sarah from Chester

I was going to wait until the New Year, but decided to just go with it, I got used to it on second night, about 18 days later I was having sex like a rampant women, amazing box of magic, can only recommend, big hugs and kisses to all of you, you gave me my life back in the bedroom dept. XXX

Misba in Cheadle

I was lucky enough to meet with Sarah Rahman (N.D/Dip cos.sci M.A.M.H ) at the Cheadle Mosque, and she recommended the product to me. How right she was, it was great and worked.

23rd Nov 12 from Margaret in Evesham

Bought this for my daughter who was having problems swapping to tampons. She used it right from the end of her period up to the next one then went straight to tampon use, no problems, fab result.

From Geraldine Summers

I am so grateful for your website that gave me the one last hope I had prayed for. I have now used my Vagi-wave for the number of nights and am quite emotional by the results it gave me. Thank you to all the people behind the product I have my life back.

Katrina from Sunderland.

Why could something so complicated like being unable to have normal relations with my husband be sorted by something this simple. I wish I had heard of this a long time ago it would have saved alot of husband avoidance. I am in your debt forever.

Marie-France de Avignon :

Thanks to your product I have again a marriage. Merci.

Order : L257/richmond on thames/london/uk

I have struggled with incontinence for many years and have at last found something that abled me to use a pelvic floor trainer and I was able to do this without having to reveal my problems with my doctor. I have kept my dignity, and been able to relax over the 21 nights just following the programme and forgetting about all my bladder problems knowing after the 21 night I would be able to use a pelvic floor trainer. And after the 21 night I could, I was overjoyed and relieved by the results. I can only say to any women thinking about buying this product : get one you won’t regret it.

Kitten from Ketttering:

Vaginismus was all my life was about until I took the plunge and got your product. I now see why you are different to dilators (which I tried to use and found painful and just made the problem worse) To all women suffering from vaginismus who like me never let on, do yourself a favour and get this product, follow the instructions and everything will sort itself out and you will get your life back once more. Should have bought one sooner than later so ladies stop hesitating, ok it may not be the cost of a box of chocolates but having your bits work is worth so much more.

Janice Adams from Stoke –

When you have an issue everything seems dramatic, where do you go to get help when you don’t want to talk about the problem? Nowhere that’s what I found and I had written my life off until I came across this. What a lovely website, so helpful, what lovely packaging that is discreet and a sense of bonding with a lifelong brand. I loved the Moose-Joose and the Moose-Hoose, they made me smile, something I have not been able to do for a long long time. They cheered me up and gave me that push to try the Vagi-Wave. Best thing I ever did, try something offering a new approach rather than being steered down the dilator route. Why would any women want to use a dilator that is designed to stretch you, that is not normal. Go Vagi-Wave, You Rock !!!!

Gorden Broadworth of Manchester

I am 54 my wife 51 we had not had a sexual relationship since her hysterectomy, though still in love we were more like friends. I saw this product, how I came across it I can’t remember for the life of me, but it all made sense when I read about it, and I bought it for my wife on our anniversary. It was a bit awkward me handing her this as she was expecting something like chic,as ladies do, but she was really open minded because she knew we needed this Vagi-Wave if we were ever going to stand a chance of having fun in the bedroom again. We or should I say she ,did what it said for 21 nights and gave it another night just to play it safe. Wow, am I a happy bunny again, I know what we have been missing out on, it’s easy to forget and not think about the benefits of a physical man women thing, but I am really pleased I took the initiative for both of us. We are just as in love , but now make love. Sincere thanks.

Bimla Chavan 32yrs

My wife obtained your product via a friend because of our culture. She has never been able to consummate our marriage because of her strict upbringing which was true to our cultures and I would have it no other way. But like men when the wife has vaginismus where do they turn for themselves or their wife? Nowhere as we must not talk of this problem for shame on their relationship. We had tried for months and months and I was having male problems due to the disappointment I am sure you can imagine this without the details. In the end we decided we would get a Vagi-Wave as it was out last hope we were not going to try something as un natural as stretching her open with a dilator, that is not normal as everyone is aware of the size of a baby’s head to that of a man’s …..We used it for 21 nights and I was able to enter and we were so happy. Then after her next period she opted t use again. After her following period we were like sex starved people and I guess we were. Things were beyond what I had dreamed they would be, and I am delighted to share with you I am the proud father to be. This Vagi-Wave is a wonderful gift to men and women, get one it is in my eyes a miracle.

Elizabeth from Hastings

I was scared about getting one because I have lots of problems. I am pleased I did though. It was hard for me to begin the 21 nights for fear I would fail. But I kinda bonded with it while I held it as all the curves fitted alongside me fingers and the more I looked at it the more I felt this is made for me, and if anything was going to change things for the better then this would be it. I missed a night by mistake after a party, but it still worked and now I am the old me but with a new life. Am I indebted to all the people behind this wonderful life changing product. Thank you doesn’t even cover the gratitude.