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Our Motto & Product Ethos

Vagi-WaveNO Parabens –  NO Dyes –  NO Hormones – NO Animal Testing

ALL Vegan – ALL Organic – Meeting Cultural Need

Made with YOU in mind

All our products are manufactured and packed in the UK by us.

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Vagi-Wave is a  “Non-Medical” Revolutionary Patented Design focusing on:
(a) vaginal approach
(b) point of insertion
(c) penetration, collectively

  • No ‘private or down time’ required. No medical intervention. No ‘stretching’ as is the case with dilators. Because Vagi-Wave is completely effortless and pain free.
  • Scientifically designed by a female-led research and development team for ease of insertion and use and to get results fast.
  • A “Non Medical Product” made from specific medical-grade silicone. Giving peace of mind regarding your safety with no Toxic Shock Syndrome risk. (TSS – is sometimes referred to when talking about tampons).
  • Free from colouring.  Free from animal ingredients & animal testing.
  • Vegan approved.
  • Tactile, ergonomic, & curvaceous, follows the contours of the vagina for a perfect and comfortable fit.The Vaginismus treatment kit – that works while you sleep.
  • Utilises your body’s own ability to empower positive change over 21 nights.
  • Can be used to measure pelvic floor strength and for gentle pelvic floor exercise – see ‘pelvic floor’ or ‘FAQ’ for further information.
  • Now being given as a Dholki and/or Walima Gift.
  • Mind and Body in Harmony.
  • Use with Water Based Lubricant ONLY.
  • Size: 10cm x 1.5cm (approx)


  • Discretion at its best. No one need know what it is (unless you tell them).
  • Works while you sleep, eliminating the need to find private spare/ down time in the day.
  • Flexible for movement or restless sleep.
  • Effortlessly puts you in control to train & retrain your mind, body and pc muscles to accept insertion into the vagina for health maintenance, well-being, and pleasure.

Vagi-Wave Design

Taken from numerous internal vaginal casts, and taking into account these contours within the vagina, the Vagi-Wave will find the perfect resting place within your own vaginal contours for optimum comfort. Vegan Approved. Not for use during pregnancy.

Included in the box you will find :  one Vagi-Wave, one Moose-Hoose (Cotton Bag) one Retrieval Thread.

Available to purchase separately :  Moose-Joose  (choice of sizes) Additional Moose-Hoose  (Cotton Bag) Additional Retrieval Thread.

Vagi-Wave : Tried & trusted by women (16 years & over) to get fast results regarding health, well-being and intimacy. Perfect treatment kit for Vaginismus.

Note : Not a contraceptive & not to be used during pregnancy unless advised otherwise from a medically qualified person.

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