Facts about the Vagina

The vagina has the ability to expand naturally and unaided.

( The vagina can expand by 200% when sexually aroused, kind of like a balloon. Remember, the vagina was made to birth babies, so it’s exceedingly elastic – Dr L Rankin)

The vagina self lubricates, during sexual arousal – though lubrication may not be as abundant in later life – this can be overcome by introducing personal lubricants as required.

( Vaginal lubrication is naturally produced.  The cells in the vagina produce healthy bacteria that keep the vaginal area moist.  The Bartholin glands that are present in the vaginal area secrete fluid that enhances vaginal lubrication –  K.Blanchard R.N )

The vagina self lubricates for self cleaning.

( It is important to know that the vagina is self cleaning. Many women feel the need to douche or clean the vagina using sprays or deodorants ; not only is this not necessary, but it can actually harm your vaginal health – N.Galan R.N )

Your pelvic floor requires continuous exercise throughout your life to keep the muscles strong and in good shape to avoid later problems.

( One way to treat pelvic floor problems and bladder weakness is to exercise the muscles. The use of electronic pelvic floor exercisers stimulates the right muscles in the right way for a precise work out  – Dr C Steele )

The vagina is the only way to reach the cervix for cervical smears/paps.

( An instrument called a speculum will gently be inserted into your vagina to hold the walls of your vagina open so that your cervix is visible. A small instrument will be used to take some cells from the surface of your cervix – NHS UK )