Tampons and Menstrual Cups

The importance of tampons and tampon training is greatly undervalued, and because of this women can find that as a result of a bad experience such as inserting the very first tampon, they are setting the imprint in the subconscious for problems later in life such as vaginismus.

When you purchase your first box of tampons you will hopefully have read the instructions before attempting insertion. If you have then you will recall that the instructions state in some format that you should never insert a tampon into the female cavity unless experiencing a menstrual flow.

So when you want to try using a tampon for the first time you are now faced with the act of insertion and retrieval while dealing with menstrual flow, not a very pleasant experience at all, in fact if we were all open and willing to speak out, we would probably admit the whole experience was secretly nerve wracking as well as messy.

As females we know periods are a messy occurrence at the best of times. In an ideal world it would be far better if we could practice inserting and retrieving something into the vaginal cavity in anticipation of using a tampon (or a menstrual cup) without having to also cope with the mess of a period at the same time. A product that would prepare and train our mind and body in advance.

Now with the Vagi-Wave you can do just that, by following the 21 night training programme you can prepare and train your vagina to accept whatever you want to be inserted into your vaginal cavity, putting you in control rather than you being controlled by a situation such as being in ‘full flow’.

Vagi-Wave is the perfect gift for a mother to give to her daughter, or for your own use if considering swapping from sanitary towels to tampons or a menstrual cup.It is the near to perfect way of practicing and familiarising oneself with the sensation of insertion and retrieval as well as what it feels like having something inside the vaginal cavity. Plus you are doing this without the mess and pressure you would be under while in ‘full flow’, in essence you get to practise ‘getting it right’.

What is Vaginismus?

Dr M Bostanci of the Anadolu Medical centre

An involuntary response that can simultaneously appear in the abdomen, back, lumbar area, legs etc. It is triggered by not only sexual intercourse but all actions in that region (such as gynaecological examinations or use of tampons etc) feelings of anxiety and fright are dominant.