Smears & Paps

At some stage of a women’s life she is going to receive a letter or her GP is going to inform her she needs to make an appointment to have what is often referred to as a Smear/Pap test to basically check status of health. If at this time you do not understand what being called for a Smear/Pap test is all about, there is a fair chance that with the internet at your disposal you are likely to do some research to find out what, why etc etc. Unfortunately some women will immediately focus on the negative/worst case scenario causing them unnecessary stress because they have not focused on the fact that the test is to pick up any signs of a potential or early stage problem so such can be dealt with before progressing to what may, in the worst case scenario, then may turn out to be the onset of cervical cancer.

Why do they not attend?

Fear that something may be discovered, anxiety about the procedure, belief that they are invincible. Common excuses to avoid attending are having a period, they can’t get there because of their job or their children, the excuses are endless. Inexcusable considering the advances in medical science, and a totally selfish reaction which could have devastating consequences on her own well being, not to mention the effect on her family and friends.

Try to see your mind/subconscious as a computer that has no capability of reason, it is only able to act on what is programmed into it. Therefore if a woman keeps running away from that Smear appointment she is constantly reaffirming an action which is to her detriment, and so the cycle of avoidance and her reasons for avoidance become stronger and stronger making it virtually impossible to break/correct the cycle while conscious.

With the Vagi-Wave, and the 21 night training programme, women can set down a new command in the subconscious by using, thoughts, images, sensations, affirmations and visualisations. In essence you take control of self mastering yourself, you along with your Vagi-Wave give your subconscious a command that when called upon will over rule the conscious and allow you to do what ever you are required to do in any situation, which in this case we are talking about Smear/Pap Tests.Once you own the Vagi-Wave you will soon realise that you no longer seek to find an excuse to avoid attending a Smear/Pap test ever again.

Richard Winder, deputy director of the NHS Cancer Screening Programmes

Unlike many cancers, cervical cancer is a largely preventable disease. A woman can control her risk of developing the disease by being screened regularly. Any abnormalities that might be found can then be treated in order that they do not go on to develop into cancer. Where a cervical cancer is found through screening, it is usually at a very early stage where treatment has a greater chance of success.

Sara Hiom, Cancer Research UK’s director of health information

Despite a surge in the number of women having a smear test immediately after the death of Jade Goody, we know a large number of women are not going for a smear test…… Women who don’t go for cervical screening face a higher risk of cervical cancer, so it’s important to encourage women of all relevant ages to take part. It is essential that women are aware of this when deciding whether or not to be screened: Cervical screening is estimated to save 4,500 lives a year in England alone.”