vagi-wave, vaginismus , vaginal trainer

Vaginismus is a common cause of sexual discomfort and pain in women of all ages. It can affect women to varying degrees, from light burning to complete closure, and can have a profound impact on a womens well-being.

The good news is that Vaginismus is highly treatable with the correct intervention. Vagi-Wave is a vaginismus treatment that allows you to prepare, train and retrain your mind and body whilst sleeping. Made from medical grade silicone and free from colours and dyes, Vagi-Wave is a Vaginal Acceptance Trainer that not only looks good, but due to its ergomonic, flexible design is easy and comfortable to use.

Producing results in as little as 21 nights, the Vagi-Wave is a complete treatment without the need for medical intervention, stretching or needles.

The Vagi-Wave

(Size = 10cm x 1.5cm approx.)
Prepare, Train & Retrain while Sleeping

Use for 21 nights
On-Line Globally & On NHS Prescription (UK)


No Stretching       No Needles       No Surgery       No Parabens, Dyes, Hormones       No Animal Testing

Vegan       Organic       Easy to Use       Preserving Dignity       Meeting Cultural Need