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As leaders of innovation, we have brought a new dimension to revolutionary science. With growing global presence we are exceeding in excellence without compromise to your need for organic, natural, vegan, cruelty free products that also meet cultural need. Having years and years of sound knowledge and being driven by a passion to make the world a better place for women we were able to combine revolutionary innovation and break-through science without compromising the morals and principles that we and our customers hold dear to their heart. This harmonious to care for themselves from the inside out is the ethos that keeps us grounded. Due to personal experiences and close inter-reaction with others we have been so privileged to learn exactly what women needed and wanted and we have been delighted to deliver this empathically.

We are a UK female led business, who along with the Inventor/ CEO and backed by neuroscience, now bring you the amazing revolutionary ‘all of life product’ that we believe is essential to women of any age over 16 years.

Our staff are always sympathetic and knowledgeable to such personal issues that affect women, because they will also have experienced a fair few of the problems themselves.

One example of this is the CEO, who after suffering from a wide range of female problems for many years decided enough was enough, and set about tackling all the problems she and others had encountered , coming up with the solution that felt right from the female perspective, and as far away from anything phallic or sex toy related. It was to represent womanhood, meet cultural needs and be specific to the female form , while remaining neuroscience specific.

Now you too can take comfort from the fact – you are no longer alone – because help is at hand thanks to The Vagi-Wave ™ . All the tears, hard work, science, development and so much more that has gone into this life changing product truly makes a difference for women of all ages regarding how they live and plan their lives whether it be around intimacy, health and well-being. What’s more help is at hand for young women who need to learn how to become familiar with the sensation of tampons – but without the mess and stress – often a perquisite to vaginismus.

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The Vaginal Acceptance Trainer ™ is ergonomic, tactile and curvaceous following the contours of the Vagina and represents everything a women perceives herself to be.

Get the result you want fast , effortlessly and pain free.

Vagi-Wave is a discreet, intuitive and amazing product that makes it possible for women to effortlessly take control of , and invest in their well-being today in readiness for all of their tomorrows.

  • No ‘private down time’
  • No medical intervention required.
  • No ‘stretching’ as is the case with many dilators.

Vagi-Wave : Tried and trusted by women. Make Vagi-Wave your new ‘best friend’ regarding your health, well-being and intimate happiness.

The perfect Vaginismus treatment kit – trusted by women just like you.

Thank you for providing products and literature for my colleagues, the feedback after usage with patients was most impressive, and we all agreed both the NHS and patients would benefit having access to your Vagi-Wave.

If you can spare a few more brochures for circulation it would be much appreciated. 

Vicky Mary Osgood :

FRCOG FRCGTP FRCP – Director of Education & Standards – Portsmouth NHS

I passed your products onto the Oncology Dept for women post treatment and suffering from vaginismus and apologise for the delay in replying to you with the feedback of the products.

We were surprised that something so tiny could have such a huge positive impact both psychologically and physically. It was wonderful to hear that all the patients who used your product were able to resume intercourse compared to their continuous failure with prescribed dilators.

K. Patterson  – Oby/Gyn  – MRCOG  – Royal London NHS

Thank you for providing products for patients, they expressed Vagi-Wave was comfortable and simple to use. Out of the 10 patients, 7 no longer needed follow up appointments after 3-4 weeks use and the remaining 3 had the same success after stopping for menses and continuing for a further 3 weeks. I shall be discussing this product with colleagues at our next meeting.

Osama EF Abdalla –  MB CHB MRCS LRCP MCOGMRCS LRCP – Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist  (Kent NHS UK /Alexandria (IVF Centre) Egypt).