Vagi-Wave Instructions

Before you familiarise yourself with the Vagi-Wave you will need to wash and clean it along with the Retrieval Thread (see below).We suggest you also hand wash your Moose-Hoose (storage bag) though this is not essential, providing you wash your Vagi-Wave before and after every use.

Cleaning and Storage instructions

Wash your hands thoroughly. Now wash both the Vagi-Wave & Retrieval Thread using unscented hand soap & hot water then rinsing thoroughly or submerse fully in a cup of boiled water for 1 minute or sterilise in a tank similar to that used for baby bottles with the appropriate sterilising tablets – rinse thoroughly. Pat dry with a clean towel. You can then store the Vagi-Wave and Retrieval Thread in the Moose-Hoose until you are ready to start using them.

Note: After each use of the Vagi-Wave (now with the Retrieval Thread in situ) you should follow the above same cleaning instructions, returning it to the Moose-Hoose for storage. Remember to always wash the Vagi-Wave before each use.

Familiarising yourself before use:

Before using the Vagi-Wave you should familiarise yourself with the product. Place in one hand allowing your other hand to explore and feel all the contours, paying particular attention to the ends, which you will notice are different in shape. These ends are designed as such so that you can decide which end you want to become the insertion end as well as the retrieval end, the choice is yours. Once you have made your decision then you need to stick to that decision for the duration of the training programme lasting 21 nights. If after 21 nights you decide you want to use the Vagi-Wave for another 21 nights you can either continue using your previously chosen end or swap them around, if you decide to swap them around you will need to undo your Retrieval Thread and reattach it or dispense with it and order additional Retrieval Thread from us.

When to use over a 21 night programme :

This will depend whether you have periods or not. This is explained below.

Having Periods?

If you have periods then you must wait for your period to be over before starting the training programme, this is because you may be using a menstrual cup, tampon or other menstrual product and combining the Vagi-Wave with another product in the vagina is not advised. Once your period has ended you can begin the 21 night training programme as per the instructions ‘ how to use’ listed below.

No longer having periods?

If you no longer have periods then you can begin the 21 night training programme as soon as you are ready. Remember you must have a 7 night break before starting another 21 night training programme should you wish to do so.

How to use :

Now you have established which category you fall into (periods or no periods) the instructions for use are exactly the same, always remember to wash your hands as well as wash,rinse, and dry your Vagi-Wave as mentioned under the above heading ‘ cleaning & storage instructions’ before each use. Also remember the Vagi-Wave is for night time only use – when you are lying down in bed intending to sleep. It is not suitable for use in the daytime, while you are upright, sitting up or while having a period, or if anything else is in your vaginal cavity.

1. Now you have decided which ends you want to act as the insertion and retrieval we now need to attach securely the Retrieval Thread. This is done by threading the Retrieval Thread through the Retrieval Hole and securing with a firm knot, if you have any doubts about how good your knot tying is, then you can double or triple knot. Once you have tied your knot(s) then you need to pull the Retrieval Thread to make sure your knot is secure and will not undo itself, only when you are sure your knot is secure should you proceed to insertion.

2. Now we are going to begin the 21 night training programme, so we need to insert the Vagi-Wave every night before sleeping and remove it on waking as well as before getting out of bed.

3. You will need to wear a pair of pants that fit closely but not tight, this is because wearing pants will help in preventing the Vagi-Wave from leaving the body until you remove it as well as absorb any excess lubricant if you have been too generous in application. ( Note: only use water based lubricant, preferably the specially formulated Moose – Joose.  Moose-Joose has been specifically designed to dissolve easily on contact with water reducing the risk of staining to clothing or bedding as well as making cleaning of your Vagi-Wave & Retrieval Thread easier.)

4. Lying on your bed, thinly spread over your chosen insertion end, some water based lubricant – once you have mastered the right amount of lubricant for you – you may find you will be able to do this in bed rather than on the bed. Either way it does not matter as long as you are ready to go to sleep and will not be getting out of bed again. If you need to get out of bed, then remove the Vagi-Wave while lying down using the Retrieval Thread, and start the process from the beginning and when you are sure you will be lying in bed ready to go to sleep.For the following stages : 5,6,7 refer to diagrams under ‘ Quick Insertion guide

5. Now slowly insert your chosen insertion end stopping for a rest once the first resting point is sitting at /cradling the vaginal entrance. When you are ready continue inserting, until only the Retrieval End (complete with Retrieval Thread) is remaining outside the vagina. You may find holding a mirror between your legs helpful for the first attempt but it is not essential if you have familiarised yourself with where the resting points are.

6. When only the Retrieval End (complete with Retrieval Thread) is the only part remaining outside the vagina, and the entrance to the vagina is cradled by the last insertion resting point, is the insertion process complete.

7. Once the insertion process is complete you are now ready to go to sleep and allow the training programme to begin. Do not worry if : a) during your sleep the Vagi-Wave has slipped out, just adjust your application of water based lubricant until you get the amount that is right for you. b) the Vagi-Wave should become fully inserted during restless sleep, sizing allows for that eventuality, it just means when you come to retrieve it before getting out of bed that you will be retrieving all of the Vagi-Wave from within the vagina rather than part of it.

Congratulations, you have now used your Vagi-Wave for the first time, and you should be feeling great and more confident about the process for the following night.

Next time you  come to insert your Vagi-Wave you will be amazed how easily and effortlessly it can be inserted. Now all you have to do is continue the 21 night programme ( or as many subsequent 21 night sessions as needed ) until you become aware that you are in complete control.

NOTE: The product is not suitable for insertion into any other cavity/orifice.Nor cleaning by microwave, dishwasher or steaming.Not to be used during menstrual bleed/period.Not for use in pregnancy.If you have or think you may have a medical condition you should always seek medical advice before use. Use Water Based Lubricant ONLY  – it does not have to be ours.