Quick Insertion Guide

After reading the detailed instructions above , you can once you have become familiar with cleaning, attaching the Retrival Thread and storing of the Vagi-Wave refer to these quick insertion diagrams for easy reference.

Always remember to wash and store your Vagi-Wave as per instructed. When familiar with the process you can now easily refer to the following diagrams:

1. Having now lubricated end that does not have the Retrial thread attached, slowly insert stopping at a resting point – see diagram 1 – if you feel the need to. (Stopping/resting is not essential if you feel comfortable and confident to proceed straight to the final stage – see diagram 3)

2. If you have decided to insert slowly, when you are ready, continue to insert your Vagi-Wave – see diagram 2.

3. When the insertion process is complete, the only part of the Vagi-Wave that should be remaining outside the vaginal cavity is the end you have chosen to be your retrieval end complete with the Retrieval Thread attached – see diagram 3.

4. On waking, and while still lying down, gently pull on the Retrieval Thread to remove your Vagi-Wave,.

5. Remember to clean and store your Vagi-Wave as if using for the first time.