The Science

Life is for living, so the saying goes, during which your conscious mind is exposed to many things on a daily basis. Both information and experiences are later transferred to your unconscious during the sleeping process, resulting in your subconscious  having either positive or negative control over the conscious mind and you.

The area we are focusing on are the PC Muscles (pubococcygeus or to be exact the pubovisceral muscle group ). When they respond negatively, they involuntary clamp shut the vaginal entrance affecting a women’s quality of life regarding pleasure and health maintenance. Sadly there is no warning as to when this can begin or what the trigger will be, however the affects are deeply upsetting once the cycle begins.

The Vagi-Wave has been designed to follow the contours of the vagina while being flexible to allow for movement during sleep. In simple terms, a message will be sent (once the product is inserted before sleeping and over the 21 night training period) to your unconscious informing it to accept – approach, insertion and resting in the female area/cavity – whether for pleasure, health maintenance or medical intervention. Once the unconscious has received this message training/retraining begins so the ‘PC Muscles group’ relax and work with you rather than against you. By effortlessly training and re-training throughout your life you will be better prepared to deal with examinations,treatment and pleasure, all of which are essential to female health and well being.

Unconscious and Sleep

You may or may not know that the unconscious mind is the seat of all memory, fears, phobias, behavioural patterns, habits, beliefs, and expectations. An astonishingly fact is that only 2-4% of our day is controlled by our conscious mind, and the other 96-98% is all done by the subconscious. 96% of all your decisions, actions, thoughts, feelings are all done automatically, unconsciously by your unconscious mind.

It is amazing to think how much our unconscious mind does for us. It beats our heart, digests our food, and breathes for us all without any conscious effort. Yet despite all of the amazing things it does, our unconscious doesn’t always do everything we want it to. Many people have realized that they have several bad (doing and/or thinking) habits , but do not understand that in order to grow and prosper, those bad habits must be changed. But how do you change the unconscious to promote success in all areas of life?

The answer is simple. Re-programme  the power of your unconscious mind by suggestion. A suggestion is a passive statement given to the unconscious to accept  new instructions. In essence you are updating your master computer, timing is of the essence, so we do this when in a deeply relaxed state, when the conscious mind is out of the way, and the gateway to the powers of the unconscious is open. Only here can true changes happen. In order to instruct the unconscious to change, the body and mind must be completely relaxed and the person must have a reason to change, and be open to the new suggestion.

Have you ever wondered why you cannot change your habits ?

Well it takes 1000 continuous repetitions to change a response or behaviour pattern while conscious  – not looking very hopeful is it.

However when passing from conscious to unconscious (the sleeping process) it only takes 21 repetitions to begin that change –  adding a new command by re-programme/retraining the unconscious (master computer). The entire neuronal structure of your brain will begin the change in order to promote the new idea , and once the idea is finally accepted without doubt or question, the desired programme will become part of you and all you do while conscious. Truly an amazing and effortless process that has until now been overlooked. Master it and you become in control of allowing yourself to achieve all that you desire.

Explain the sleep process where the magic happens

Firstly let’s explain that when you are awake/conscious you are in the ‘BETA State’. As mentioned previously to make any change in this state you need dedication, will power and around 1000 consecutive repetitions. While in this state you will be up against every experience that has filtered into your unconscious over your lifetime, of which you had no conscious control, those experiences,memories, and files of information will be there deep in the unconscious to jump up and hinder you. In pre-historic times some of those reactions would be justifiable, today however, they can get out of control to your detriment. Until you make the change or send a new command to your unconscious they will always be in control over you, and that is where the cycle of ‘problem’ originates from.

In ‘BETA STATE’, here the frequency is 14-40Hz where  the organizing and thinking part of your mind is constantly judging and analysing options about what to do and how to do it. It remembers past disappointments ,fears and failures as a way to remind us to avoid those same mistakes again. As a consequence, when trying to problem-solve or to find the solution, it is almost impossible to be open to something new, while looking for the solution in ‘beta state’.

When you are in ‘sleep mode’ you are in the stages called :  ‘ALPHA’ , ‘THETA’,   ‘DELTA’ & ‘GAMMA’ and this is where the magic naturally and effortlessly takes place (with the Vagi-Wave).

ALPHA  STATE’ here the frequency is 7.5-14Hz and  the bridge between your conscious and your unconscious mind, is optimal for programming your mind for change, as it heightens your imagination, visualization, memory, learning and concentration.

ALPHA-THETA BORDER STATE’ here the frequency is  7 to 8Hz, the optimal range for visualization, re-programming and using the creative power of your mind. It is the mental state at which you consciously create your reality. At this frequency you are conscious of your surroundings but your body is in deep relaxation ready to move to the ‘Theta State’.

THETA  STATE’  here the frequency is 4-7.5Hz and you are in the unconscious room. The door to the conscious is closed, so you have no access to the conscious room.

DELTA STATE’ here the frequency  is 0.5-4Hz and you are unconscious. It is the gateway to the Universal mind and the collective unconscious whereby information received would be unavailable if in the conscious level. Delta is associated with deep healing and regeneration.

GAMMA STATE’ The most recently discovered range is Gamma which is the fastest in frequency at above 40Hz. Although little is known about this state of mind, initial research shows Gamma waves are associated with bursts of insight and high-level information processing.

Getting Technical but it’s amazing… so read on

This is an incredible discovery. Your brain thinks in six different areas at the same time. It is 5/6 of your thinking power and these are different areas of your brain that are not accessible by your conscious mind. You conscious mind doesn’t switch between these six processes. You have a different set of neurons for your conscious thinking and you cannot directly access your subconscious. Your conscious mind cannot perceive a picture that lasts for less than about 1/50,000 of a second. However your subconscious mind can, and will remember it, in fact it believes everything it sees, hears, etc as real.

Your ‘theta’ mind is the repository of your subconscious programs. This is where they exist, and when you command/re-programme your subconscious while in ‘theta’, you are speaking directly to your unconscious in a unified field, with no duality of maybe, versus maybe not. You are getting through to the part that matters, where the change begins to take place from.

‘Theta’ is the ‘power-house of all commands’.  Everything in your unconscious responds – instantly working on stopping fearful or negative ideas or responses  – engaging at the cellular level. This is your area of new creation and your fulfilled new options.

The next command imprinted in your unconscious mind is the power by repetition. When you are instructing  your unconscious to accept a new concept, idea or command you will  firmly implant the desired instruction a lot quicker and easier when in this state. Our reptilian brain is highly receptive to ritual and repetition. Over long periods of repetition, the suggestion will reshape thinking patterns, habits, and deeply held beliefs. The entire neuronal structure of your brain will begin change in order to promote each new command. Once the idea is finally accepted  (eg: during  our 21 night training programme with the Vagi-Wave), doubt or question will no longer exist, new worlds of possibilities begin to arise.

Vagi-Wave can help you train and retrain to prevent or dismiss mental and emotional blockages in your life that are withholding your from your full potential. The power of suggestion to the unconscious mind, combined with our product and  21 night repetition training programme is the ultimate key to unlocking your mind, achieving all that you desire, putting and keeping you in control of your well being. Now you understand part of the science behind Vagi-Wave you know that you too can effortlessly train  and retrain yourself using this truly amazing method and product. Invest in yourself  today and gain control for all of your tomorrows. Why ?   “ Because you’re oh so special…”.

Note: Where we refer to the ‘unconscious mind’ , some people may find it easier to view, relate to or understand it as the/their ‘subconscious’. Therefore on some occasions we mention ‘subconscious’ so the understanding is easier for the reader.

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