Beautifully put by a vaginismus sufferer who turned to us

Monday, July 25th, 2016

Here’s what a previously distraught vaginismus sufferer shared with us 1 year later  after using Vagi-Wave.


” How can you possibly expect to receive love if you cannot love yourself ? Well from my experience it is an impossible task because for me to allow someone to love me emotionally and physically I have to be able to do that for me first and foremost. I clearly had issues which led to Vaginismus yet with the help of your product I was able to get past that by the wonders that be in Vagi-Wave and the way it worked without me having to do degrading stretching exercises. I admit I was somewhat scared to start with, but we all know that with Vaginusmus everything looks scary, yet I got past that because of the information shared with me through the website and your staff.  You were firm in advice, something nobody else was prepared to be and you jolted me several times into looking at things differently so that I could find out if I really did want get rid of vaginismus or hang onto it so I could always have an excuse. And  I was doing excuses very well or so I thought until one of your staff saw straight through that and made me question myself. Ouch ! but I was  most grateful for that because I realised I am unique and special and deserved to be recognised as special and beautiful, which I now know I am. The Vagi-Wave gave me permission to feel good about me, by using it I accepted I was worthy of self respect, and that being able to use my complete body for pleasure and looking after my health was the biggest gift I could give myself. Once I did that my world changed and I was at last able to have a loving relationship at a different level with my partner. I believe the key to the change in my life was the Vagi-Wave because without it I would have carried on the way I was. Yes I have a smear, no it’s not nice but all women know that, the difference here is I can get through it in order that doctors can have the best chance in helping look after me should anything odd show up. I am very grateful beyond words, and I have waited a while before  writing  in to you to ask you to share my letter as encouragement to others for no other reason than to say : 1  year on and vaginismus has long gone ! You gave  me the ability to take charge of my life once more, it is a beautiful feeling and one I intend to treasure forever. Thank you .”