Better Sex

This is the place where you will discover tips and information for your consideration. To kick the section off we are going to start off with some lighter reading which hopefully will put a spring in your step and have you not only planning ahead but also grinning from ear to ear.   

Monthly Sexoscopes :


Everything is heading towards cooling and cautiousness this month.Come the 14th your emotions will get the better of you, so its likely to be a mix of friskiness, sobs into tubs of ice-cream. So you need to go with the flow because this will allow deep emotions you have been suppressing to come to the surface so you can eventually move towards letting go of past unhappinesses. By the 23rd things will become more settled and you may even think about venturing out after being open to a blind date or a dating app. The 28th sees you at your best when it comes to flirting so go ahead and fulfil your needs.


Beware of the green eyed monster especially around the 10th, avoid impulses as they are likely to surprise your lover, but you wont know if that will be in a good or bad way so think before doing anything. No doubt about this though – cuddles and more cuddles – are on the horizon. From the 18th your confidence grows and eyes will be watching you. It will be your choice as to what happens as we head for autumn, so whether its wearing that eye candy cute jumper or being bold enough to give someone your number – you are hot baby ! Just be mindful of the 28th because when you need to make a decision you need to go with your gut, your head and your heart before going ahead.


Summer of love is now over and it is time to start evaluating your relationship if you are in one. By the 14th you will find it hard to stop texting feelings you may have kept hidden for some time.Be creative with your language it will open up a new dimension for love,  romance and who knows what.   


New season and a new tidal wave of emotions are on the horizon yet you will surprise yourself by dealing with them logically rather than emotionally and you will have no problem in communicating with your lover. Around the 10th you need to go with your gut and intuition because come the 14th your playful side will appear both in and out of the bedroom. And if you plan well, you are likely to have a night to remember on the 23 rd or thereabouts. And around the 28th you’ll see favours returned while acknowledging that this October may have you feeling satisfied in many ways.


You’ve had a pretty cool summer and now its time to step back for a little and deal with emotional needs. Around the 18th you’ll have found a happy balance and romance will be on the horizon. Maybe on the 23rd you find romance takes s new direction – sweeping you off your feet and into bed. Yes, this might be the best time to get laid, as you have more than likely found the balance of charm, emotion and passion. Have fun baby !


This is the time to focus on details and being a perfectionist. Around the 14th you start to think about creative ways to express desire and yes that might mean giving the talking a rest and stepping up a  gear such as  – other ways to use your mouth. The 23rd could surprise you as you see a new level of stamina which will be well appreciated. Just remember to get the balance right between all things hot and cold.


You are burning the candle at both ends this month with little time for sleep, and around the 10th you may find yourself thinking theres only enough hours in the day for a stress relieving quickie. If that helps then a quickie does it for now. Fortunately the month becomes a little kinder around the 14th as you realise you have to compromise in order to get the balance right for work, rest and play. But  hey, thats no big deal for you because by the 18th you realise you can have it all with a little planning. Watch for the 28th hotting things up, you and your lover are going to feel the heat in many pleasing ways, and if you need to go it alone, then give yourself permission to enjoy doing so, its allowed and your lover may like being an observer and be more forthcoming with suggestions.


Dates and more dates, and we are not talking food. You are so popular right now, you have the opportunity to play the field if you want to. But pace yourself or you’ll run out of energy around the 10th. No big worry though because even if you have to recuperate for a while things will hot up again around the 18th. Omg, you are oozing  fabulousness. Be mindful that your lover will be unimpressed if they start to see you as self absorbed, so use words wisely and maybe consider swapping them in favour of sensual touches. Around the 28th keep things light and easy and forget looking for something to fix, just seek out what is pleasing to you and your lover.


You are probably wanted more than you know, and if you don’t already know it, you’re going to have to accept (around the 10th) that you can’t be with and/or satisfy everyone, you’re going to have to choose. Come the 14th you’ll be facing the decision of whether you want a fling, something casual or a relationship. Decisions decisions, from the 23rd to 28th you are likely to see passion becoming hot and crazy – you lucky person you !


Time to stop daydreaming and doing something about your fantasies. You are going to have to think of new ways for getting laid, so around the 10th you need to consider it might also be seen as sexy to start saying what it is you want. The focus should be on foreplay around the 18th, forget thinking about where you are heading, just take up the position that lets you enjoy the ride.


People tend to over look you have an empathic nature, and both you and your lover need to feel happy for you to be happy, its what makes you lovely. If you find you are struggling or worrying about emotional happiness around the 18th, then take some time out and look towards some self care. Just remember to add in taking some time out to recharge because around the 14th your sex life goes corrr ! Its all about sex, romance, fun and feelings and working towards you and your lover being on the same wave length. As the 28th approaches you may find that if your partner takes control you will be even more emotionally fulfilled. Who knows if a new theme , or kinky role play ( no matter how it presents itself) will open up new possibilities regarding satisfaction.


If you’ve had a summer fling, its time to move on even if you want to hang on to it. Hanging on is probably holding you back. There are , as you know, plenty of apples in the orchid.  Be open to allowing a  friend to set you up with someone who is both sweet and saucy. If you get a good vibe about anything ‘romantic and/or sexy’ then go with it. And as for keeping things at home, think about making your own saucy nights – whatever your sweet, sour, saucy menu is –  its going to be even more delicious when you make it up as you go along.