Can I buy Vagi-Wave & Moose-Joose on Amazon or Ebay ?

Sunday, September 27th, 2015

We have been asked by ladies if we can sell the product through Amazon or Ebay.

We are reviewing your requests as a matter of courtesy and have decided to answer your requests on line.

So here is our answer :

Should Amazon  contact us and be willing to guarantee that they would adhere to our ethos – which is :

intimate products  concerning  vaginismus 

must never be allowed to be returned/resold  in the interest of health

 then we will of course talk to them.


We also confirm that :

Vagi-Wave &/or Moose-Joose  is never sold on Ebay by us

(for the same health reasons)


We hope this has answered your queries, and for now, we believe  (as do the customers we polled ) that everything is fine just as it is .