Celebrating more confirmed preganancy announcements

Monday, November 10th, 2014

We are delighted to inform everyone that we have now had our 75th confirmed pregnancy for the year 2014 (to date that is – though we may hear of more – we will keep you all posted).

It is wonderful to hear from ladies who write/ email or phone through to let us know that they have been able to either consummate a marriage/relationship or have intercourse for the purpose of starting a family. Whatever the reason, it is personal to them, but yes, when we hear about an expected new arrival we can’t help but get excited too.

We know that for a good proportion of these ladies having a family was something they thought  ( as vaginismus sufferers) would always remain a distant dream, however their dream is now a reality and we are (just like you) very very happy to hear such good news about the forthcoming  patter of tiny feet.

So to all the mums-2-be we have helped, CONGRATULATIONS from all of us here at Vagi-Wave. You beat vaginismus and got to your goal of starting a family, absolutely wonderful.