Cervical Cancer Awareness 15th – 20th June 2015

Monday, June 15th, 2015

Ladies & Gentleman

Now is the time to do something about accepting that we females need to attend an appointment when offered for Cervical Cancer Screening.  And…. if you have not yet had an appointment then speak to your  GP/Doctor to ask why not. It may be a case that your planned  appointment got lost in the post, or you have moved house, changed surgery – who knows, but you can find out by asking your GP/Doctor to look into it for you. If an appointment is needed then you will have made sure you were not overlooked. If an appointment is not yet needed then your GP/Doctor can inform you when the appointment is likely to be offered, and then you need to take ownership of you and keep an eye on the post, and if no appointment arrives, go back to your GP/Doctor and chase it up. Remember you only get one life !

And the reason this is also addressed to guys is simply – as a guy you will know/have a women in your life who you are close to, it maybe your wife, mother, sister, daughter etc etc. So how you can help is simply ask them:  “When did you last attend a Cervical Screening Appointment ?”  If they say they haven’t or they tell you they don’t want to, then find out why and make sure they do something about it. Keep asking/pestering until you hear they have attended  One thing is for sure, if anything suspicious is detected then the sooner it is the sooner treatment will be offered in order to fight back. “Sooner rather than later”  has never been such an apt saying.

Life is so precious, never sit on your laurels thinking it only ever happens to someone else !

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