cervical cancer awareness week was a huge success

Saturday, June 27th, 2015

Our reminder about the importance of attending Cervical Screening was a huge success. Not only did many women contact us but a lot of boyfriends, fathers, brothers, sons and husbands did as well.

They realised and echoed our sentiment, that it is far better if they too are pro-active rather than make an assumption that their girlfriend, sister, daughter, mother, wife/partner had routinely attended an appointment to be screened. In addition they also expressed their appreciation for being able to discreetly purchase a product that would help the person they cared about get to screening.

We therefore are pleased we made (and will continue to make)  a difference in helping women to take control of their health and well being in a subtle, less pressurised manner, because as you know, the Vagi-Wave is used during sleep without the need for stretching.

We know that pain and fear are often reasons we, as humans, tend to shy away from the very thing we need to confront. So we are pleased our message was heard loud and clear and that women (independently or with the help of someone else) opened their eyes to options when it comes to taking control of their health and well being  (as well as intimacy needs).

Remember ladies  – we all only get one life – live it well  !