Cycle of Pain and Vaginismus

Sunday, September 28th, 2014

Ladies we have a lot of information under our ” What it works with ” section which can be found using the following link (which also includes diagrams) , which we know and believe will make you feel more at ease in dealing with the ” Cycle of Pain ” :

In addition to this you may feel like you want to read further information about the Vagi-Wave and what it helps with under the following link as well :

If you have further questions then please contact us because our job is to make you feel better knowing that you can tackle many issues with the Vagi-Wave as an alternative to using dilators and having to (for want of a better word) twiddle something around in such a delicate area, which we know can cause feelings of loss of dignity as well as further pain by force stretching.

Remember Vagi-Wave works without the need to stretch your vagina because we know and believe that there is no need for painful stretching nor injections to deal with such psychosomatic issues. The thought of injecting/injections into such a delicate area ( every so many months apart) sends shivers down our spine, we are unable to comprehend why a women would want to do that – ouch.

Now you know this, all you need to ask yourself is – do you want to consider using dilators (where people frequently say on forums – are painful and have no effect) or the Vagi-Wave alternative ?

May we suggest you google : Vagi-Wave Reviews –  to hear,  see about other ladies personal experiences of painless easy success. The choice is yours (as it should be) however we are on call to assist you 24/7  because we know you are special and that you need 1-2-1 support in addition to purchasing a product. Oh – 24/7 support is free by the way, but mums the word ok 🙂

Vagi-Wave – here when you need us, here for as long as you need us.