General response to Retail enquiries

Monday, November 17th, 2014

Hello Ladies,

We would like to thank all ladies who read the answer that we published in this section on the evening of 17.11.14  regarding the enquiries that were personal to them collectively.

We would like to thank customer :  Carol. L.H who suggested we used the NEWS section to generate  a One4ALL answer regarding vaginismus rather than have to reply to ladies individually – it was a great suggestion which got the message out to the relevant ladies most efficiently.

As the last person (from the enquiry list) has now confirmed they read the message ,  we have now removed it. As and when we get the same enquiry we will respond by return email directly to the enquirer.

Thank you to all the ladies who cared enough to confirm by text, phone & email that they had seen and understood what was written in response to their original query with us.

Remember you can order on this website or via the International/Export website (depending where you live in the world) :