Fertility Treatment and Twins

Sunday, August 30th, 2015

We have just been privileged to be informed that one of our customers, so desperate to have a family was able to  undergo gynaecological investigation procedures followed by fertility treatment resulting in the birth of twins.

After finding us by chance, she decided she would get the Vagi-Wave to help with the feelings and thoughts she was conjuring up when thinking of any gynaecological procedure. And yes, these feelings were real to her and the whole scenario became  – in her own words  –  the start of a life with  vaginsmus.

However being a private person she felt we were the only people she could trust to off load all her fears, emotions and frustration concerning living a  life with vaginismus.

Realising that if she allowed vaginismus to progress to the point it really did have a hold over her, that her marital relationship could soon suffer and chances of having a family would be impossible. With our support she was able to move in the right direction where the distance between her and vaginimus got bigger and bigger until it vanished.

Without the use of the Vagi-Wave to correct these hindering thoughts, she said she would never have been able to successfully see through gynaecology procedures let alone fertility treatment, and expressed her gratitude for the product while delivering the good news to us – birth of twins.

So, if you find yourself starting to experience the early stages of vaginismus, consider using the Vagi-Wave sooner rather than later.