how to deal with vaginismus when you have a wedding on the horizon

Friday, March 27th, 2015

We have had many past enquiries from “Brides 2 Be” asking how to get over wedding night nerves and/or wedding night pressures and/or vaginismus. And the best way to go about such worries is to consider using the Vagi-Wave.

The suggestion we have given in the past is  : if you have plenty of  time remaining before your wedding day (eg 21 nights) , use the Vagi-Wave as per the instructions for the 21 night programme, because this prepares you/your vagina to accept something inside the vagina. Even if you are short on time, using the time you have, can still help.

However let’s be upfront here, not ever Bride consummates her wedding on the wedding night due to pressure and/or exhaustion because weddings are quite stressful (in a nice way). And by the time it is time to go to bed, both the Bride and Groom are pretty shattered and want nothing more than a good nights sleep. Absolutely normal, and is the case more often than not.

Yes that’s right, it is quite normal  ( & ok) to be tired and not want to bother on your wedding night !

So our suggestion is that both the “Bride 2 Be” and the Groom should sit down and talk this over in advance so they can have realistic expectations and avoid additional stress and worry which can lead to disappointment due to expected pressures. Some would say that this type of honesty is a great platform to base a future upon  – valuing and respecting each others humbling honesty & vulnerability and where unity is born.

Once the “Bride 2 Be”  and the Groom bring this into the open they usually find that the pressure subsides because they face the reality that they have a lifetime ahead of them where that special ‘first time’ can be better planned eg : quiet & minus any pressure and more relaxed. This can even lead to better enjoyment of that  “1st/ special time” because one less pressure has been addressed.

Coming back to Vagi-Wave, the feedback we have had is that when a “Bride 2 Be” has used the Vagi-Wave in preparation for intimacy, the out-come is far better with regards to consummating a marriage/partnership.  The last thing any women wants,  is to find that because her own expectations were not realised,  she may begin to doubt herself where such negative thoughts may trigger off vaginismus.

For all the ladies who know they have vaginismus or suspect they have it , whether you have a wedding coming up or not, it is never too late to do something about it.

From the moment you decide to take control you will find that the situation no longer has a hold over you because you begin to take the lead towards moving away from that something that may be a hinderance.

Final thought :

If you always do what you always did
You will always get what you always got
So do something different.