Better Sex

Wednesday, July 17th, 2019

Earlier this year we received requests from ladies asking us to consider sharing tips and information with regards to sex.

These requests were made as ladies expressed their appreciation with regards to the much needed information we shared with them during their journey.

With this in mind we have decided to start a ‘better sex’ reading section which will have both short and detailed reading matter for your consideration.

However before we bring that to fruition, we do feel the need to address something of importance, that being, whatever you are considering with regards to sexual activity, make sure you are at ease with it and any activity only involves consenting adults. 

If you read something that captures your imagination where you say

 “I think I’d like to give myself permission to give that a go” 

remember its perfectly ok to change your mind at any time (before and/or during).

Remember. :  “NO !   means no, full stop ”  

So if you and/or your partner says  “no” respect that, we all have a lifetime ahead of us with regards to experimenting and/or perfecting sex. There is no rush, in-fact it’s okay to slow down, reconsider, even put the brakes on once in a while, in essence be driven by what is right for you (as well as your partner if you have one). If there is any doubt ( no matter how small) then leave well alone for now. You can always reconsider something at a later date, and even then you can still reject it. 

We would also suggest having a secret word that can be vocally shared by any participant who might want to bring things to an immediate end. And agree in advance that should anyone utter this word everything stops immediately and without question. You can discuss between yourselves at a more appropriate time why things ended, but the emphasis is about stopping things.

Hopefully we have covered a few basics to launch our ‘better sex’ section and we hope you will enjoy the content as and when we begin adding it.