Vagimismus Solution & Vaginismus Treatment

Thursday, September 25th, 2014

Just to let ladies know, we have updated our ‘about us’ page with a few snippets which we feel you may wish to read.

We have added some more information to it, because we want to keep the rest of the website crisp and to the point.

We have also added a comment about copyrights after been notified by some observant customers that some of our copyrighted diagrams  ( recognisable by the letter ‘C’ next to our company name) are being copied and are appearing – obviously minus our copyright (c) logo – on other websites.  Because no permission was asked we do feel this is very underhand by those owning/running such websites, though we have to admit we are somewhat flattered that they felt the need to copy them and remove our copyright ownership logo to pass them off as their own.