what value do you put on something you can do when asleep ?

Tuesday, August 11th, 2015

We are  so often told about how important sleep is, putting aside the benefits of waking up refreshed and ready to take on the next day, how else can you benefit from sleeping ?

Well if you suffer from vaginismus and are struggling to tackle the problem while conscious  (or awake) it’s nice to know that while you are asleep so is your critical mind – the very part of you that can hinder progress/results while conscious ( awake).

Add to that, the issue of right brain left brain, when a conflict occurs, rest assured it is the side that holds all imagination that will win out.  So be very mindful of your thought processes because if you believe consciously that nothing will work or that you will have vaginismus for life – then this is more than likely going to be your outcome. And if you have this thought process more than once you stand a good chance of making it a reality that gathers momentum, gets hard wired into your thought process, and before long, you stand the chance of putting down the threads that can lead to an unintentional phobia.

So while you are asleep and dreaming, how amazing is it that the Vagi-Wave is designed to set off new neurological pathways across synaptic gaps to  allow change to take place. What’s more, all this is done while you sleep so no effort or down time is needed by you at all.

Next time you consider how you will tackle vaginismus, think about the fact that sometimes it is never about what you do while you are awake but more about what you do while asleep.

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