When sex and everything in-between seems impossible.

Sunday, May 15th, 2022

Are any of these familiar to you ?

Fear of intimacy due to anticipated pain particularly intercourse.

Want to make love but your body wont let you.

Feel afraid to use tampons or feel they don’t fit your body’s shape.

Panic with gynaecological / cervical screening appointments or pull away/clamp shut during procedures.

Or simply can’t get whatever needs to go in your vagina to do just that.


Then you may very well be experiencing the unpleasantness of vaginismus ( the involuntary spasms of vaginal muscles ) likely brought on from unconscious and conscious thought and/or fears of penetration for whatever reason.

Matters are often made worse for the sufferer from lack of awareness, a past event, worried partners and the symptoms being overlooked or misdiagnosed by those who don’t really understand the whole ‘vaginismus nightmare’. 

If you are a sufferer then you know – the whole ‘vaginismus thing’ can make you feel degraded, demoralised, inadequate and anxious etc etc.

So as a sufferer, what would be your options to get past this ?

More than likely you will be presented with increasing sizes of dilators ( to insert hoping  to unclench and stretch you vagina open)  or counselling ( to talk to a stranger about what you are going through).  

Sadly only a few women have success with either of the aforementioned conventional approaches. 

Dilators  ( which increase in size) are hardly an empathic way of tackling the intense spasms and fear of penetration. The more a women tries and fails the more likely vaginismus will gain control over her exacerbating her situation.  And don’t forget to question the  –  stretching aspect – considering we’re told to keep thea area toned.

Talking  it over may well make the sufferer feel better at the time but talking won’t really address all the barriers that define vaginismus. 

Either way they’re likely to result in the problem surfacing again and again to the detriment ( physically and/or physiologically ) of the sufferer.

However, there is a new approach which you can learn about via various sections on our website. Do take time to read the information to understand the difference we are making. 

When you have decided this is just what you are looking for, you can now get your Vagi-Wave by either :

  1. purchasing on-line yourself 
  2. if having physiotherapy, your physiotherapist can ask your GP to prescribe one on a UK NHS Prescription. 
  3. You can (simply and firmly) request your GP prescribe one for you via a UK NHS prescription.

(NOTE : If your GP or your chosen pharmacy needs assistance, they can contact us through the website via a designated link & we will assist them)

To keep learning about vaginismus and the way we help, tune into our news section &  the other information sections.If you’re seeking a more formal read try vagi-wave.co.uk